Ash and Ember

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Manon Ott, Grégory Cohen
72 Min.

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De cendres et de braises


• 16 March, 17:00, POINT

The film will be screened in the presence of: Manon Ott, Grégory Cohen

• 18 March, 20:30, Cinema Elvire Popesco

The film will be screened in the presence of: Manon Ott, Grégory Cohen

Manon Ott
Born in 1982, Manon Ott is a filmmaker and researcher. She is the author of several books of short stories and photos, as well as several films. Since 2010 she works with the inhabitants of the popular districts of the city of Mureaux en Paris region, where she also lives. She made "Ash and Ember" in collaboration with them and with Grégory Cohen, "La Cour des Murmures", which stands between fiction and documentary, about young people and love in the city. Her films, both political and poetic, explore territories in the margins, meeting those who live there, seeking in the cinema a way to make their words resound differently.
Grégory Cohen
Grégory Cohen is a filmmaker, as well as a researcher in the field of cinema and social sciences. Parallel to his artistic and research projects he is also a photography, film and visual sociology professor. Together with Manon Ott he has co-written the book "Birmanie, rêves sous surveillance" and the films"Narmada", "La cour des murmures", "De cendres et de braises".


“Ash and Ember” is a poetic and political (not a militant) film, able to reveal with apparent simplicity (but without simplifying the issue at hand) a civic discourse. There are no clichés about the difficult “black people” from suburban areas. There is no exoticism here. The film grants us access into Les Mureaux, a city where few venture to go unless they live there, and to its inhabitants. Director Manon Ott is a mirror that very modestly reflects - in black and white - the light in all those she has chosen to film and thanks to her we will meet people who question, each in their own way, their place in the society they live in, in our common society.
Without overstating or emphasizing the narrative, without letting the film become intimate or slip into triteness, taking as much time as necessary, Manon Ott paints with every character a portrait of revolt, of the past and present working class. (Vanina Vignal)

awards and festivals

DOK Leipzig 2018

Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2018

Visions du Réel 2018


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