August: A Moment Before the Eruption

August: un moment înaintea erupției

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Avi Mograbi
Israel, France
72 Min.

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Avi Mograbi Retrospective




Romanian, English

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Aout, Avant l'explosion


• 20 March, 21:00, POINT

The film will be screened in the presence of: Avi Mograbi

Avi Mograbi
Israeli filmmaker and video artist Avi Mograbi was born in 1956 in Tel Aviv. He studied art and philosophy in Tel Aviv, where he still lives today. After gathering his first experience assisting directors, his own filmmaking began in 1989. Since 1999 he also teaches documentary and experimental filmmaking at the University of Tel Aviv, and at Jerusalem’s Sam Spiegel Film and Television School and Art Academy. Avi Mograbi is not only considered Israel’s most important documentarist, but also a committed eyewitness of the Middle East conflict, an experimentalist, and avid reformist of cinematic language. His films have appeared at festivals worldwide.


Without any apparent reason everyone is hysterical in this satirical documentary, a state of affairs which according to Avi Mograbi’s vision corresponds to the month of August. The month of August is pointless, it’s that time of year when you’re simply passing the time because you just know that nothing of consequence, other than aggravation, can possibly happen to you — or at least in this director’s opinion. The aim is to make a documentary consisting entirely of footage filmed in August in numerous types of environments: on a stadium during a match of football or at various protests. In this whirl of energies that gradually lose any meaning, not even the sight of Palestinian children isolated behind barbed wire fences and throwing rocks at Israeli tanks seems to be of any significance. Everybody’s too preoccupied with dodging the camera lens and disputing its right to free movement. While waiting for the next month to finally set in, regardless of their political or ideological affiliations, the people of Israel seem to be enraptured in an inertia of hostility, the kind of hatred, however, whose roots spread in too deep for them to free themselves of it with the arrival of the first autumnal breeze. (Andrei Rus)

awards and festivals

Berlin International Film Festival 2002

Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente 2002

Viennale 2002

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 2003


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