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Bisbee '17


In 1917 in Bisbee, an Arizonan town situated on the border with Mexico, a segment of the population set out to obstruct the strike efforts of 1300 workers who, in protest against the mining company that employed them, had stopped working indefinitely. About 2000 citizens who didn’t share in the views of the strikers, among which their own friends or relatives, got organised and with the help of the authorities managed to surround the protesters and quash their collective voice. They escorted them beyond the border, over a distance of a few mile, and advised them never to return. A century after this event, that has left a deep scar on the local community and often created insurmountable divisions among its members, the descendants on both sides are invited by filmmaker Robert Greene to re-enact this entire episode in the lives of their great-grandparents, in an act of remembrance, of understanding and of symbolic rehabilitation of extreme actions which, until not long ago, seemed to belong to a shameful past, but a past that was left behind, with no risk of being revived in new, equally malignant, forms. (Andrei Rus)

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