From a Country to Another

From a Country to Another

It’s not easy for anybody to leave their home. It’s always a tough decision, regardless of whether the causes behind the move are economical, the result of war, or if for any other reason. We are currently witnessing the highest ever levels of displacement: among the 68 million people displaced around the world, nearly 25 million are refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18.

We are painfully aware of what is happening around too many border areas. For years we have been reading reports of people dying in no-man’s-lands, reports of people being pushed back from the borders of crumbling fortresses. Real iron-fence-lines or not, invisible and yet impassible.

We are all participating indirectly in this closing of the borders, as we are represented by governments whose decisions dehumanise a certain section of the world’s population. Some people strongly agree with this rejection of migrating people at their borders. They are afraid, they don’t want to be “invaded”. Others disagree, they feel the responsibility we all bear on our shoulders, they volunteer to go and rescue people who find themselves in tragic conditions, they become human rights activists, they do volunteer work in their own cities. Most of us feel helpless in the face of this endless tragedy lived by too many people.

Through the films we have selected, you are invited into the reality of different human lives. From Mallé, the old Maliant economic migrant who is living in France in between two worlds, to the tragedy of people dying in the Mediterranean sea or in the Mexican desert, to the Italian child-refugees of World War II in Switzerland, and to an Italian centre for immigrants and refugees where teenagers are welcome.

We will approach this issue as men and women concerned with this human tragedy, especially in Romania where more than 3.4 million people have decided to go wherever they might be able to earn a living and make a better life for themselves.


From a Country to Another

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