Contemporary families

Contemporary families

Even in today’s world, some people still think of the family as a very traditional concept - father, mother and children - when there are just as many possible configurations of families as there are different kinds of people, living their lives in very diverse ways. Since the concept of “family” is subjective, we have decided to introduce you, through the films featured in this section, to families that are very different and yet still families.

We will go on a journey with a rather “unconventional” and modern family, made up of an uncle, a young and very punk artist on the Ukrainian underground scene, and his very young niece who now sees him as her father. Her mum, sent from one psychiatric hospital to the next, has decided to protect her daughter by granting her brother complete custody of the child. We will see how this little girl is teaching her uncle to step into his new parental role, how these modern-day anti-heroes are becoming a family.

We will explore next how the reality of having been adopted influences one’s life, firstly in Columbia where we follow the filmmaker herself on a quest to investigate her origins - only to discover that her mother is the one who raised her - and then in the United States through the story of three identical triplets who, after being separated at birth, were given up for adoption into three different American families.

The final film on the list deals with the still extremely vivid effects - even after the fall of the Nazi regime - of the Third Reich, the colonisation of Latvia and of World War II on a family, in which the strategies developed at the time by the director’s grandparents to avoid having to think about and to analyse anything have been silently passed on to the next generations, causing diseases and distress. A film about the abuses of the state, about fear, about how silence is transmitted from generation to generation, until the director’s quest and her magnificent journey she embarks on in this film together with her father.

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