Made in Romania

Made in Romania

If we were to analyse with lucidity the current state of affairs, we would find that in Romania, with the exception of a handful of festivals devoted to documentary films and of a couple of programmes for the alternative distribution and promotion of these films, there isn’t much movie-loving and/or intellectual effervescence surrounding this genre. Admittedly, unlike “fiction” films, which involve actors and fictional narratives, non-fiction films don’t enjoy the same level of attention from the big glamorous festivals, whose policies generally tend to marginalise them. It’s also true that on the rare occasion when documentaries reach the point of distribution in Romanian cinemas they barely convince viewers to buy tickets to see them. For all these phenomena there are some explanations: the lack of a serious critical tradition in reviewing documentary films and the implicit absence of a real culture for documentary films in Romania.

With this programme, our aim is to present to you films either made by Romanian filmmakers or by people who practise and work in Romania, proving that the situation we describe above is slowly but surely changing. Their audio-visual formulas and themes are ever more diverse, challenging and engaging with current and relevant ideas and practices.

The programme features documentaries made by filmmakers renowned for their works of fiction, such as Radu Jude, Dana Bunescu or Răzvan Rădulescu (the latter two of which are presenting a piece from a refreshingly novel common project), whose contribution to the world of non-fiction will prove essential to the evolution of the genre in Romania. It also includes works from experienced women filmmakers, such as Mona Nicoară and Alexandra Gulea, as well as a fragment from the film on which Andrei Ujică, Romania’s most important documentary filmmaker at present, is currently working. Last but not least, we are delighted to show films from some of the newcomers, who we vouch for, such as Nora Agapi, Ana Vîjdea and Adina Pintilie, whose debut feature unquestionably represents an important milestone for our national documentary-film heading, at the moment, towards hybrid and thematically new territories. And, just as importantly, we are referring to three works in progress by first-timers Cătălina Tesăr, Tudor Platon and Victor Bulat, premiering at One World Romania with the intention to support their creators in the process of  completing them.

We hope that you will be active participants in the screenings and in the debates centred around these films, sharing ideas with their creators and thereby encouraging the emergence of an ever more exciting generation of Romanian documentary filmmakers.

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