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On June 16th 2021, CIVIL SOCIETY PITCH powered by ONE WORLD ROMANIA closes its 4th edition, which started in June-July 2020, with a public pitch dedicated to the teams which went through all the stages of the project begun last year, documented a subject related to human rights, and created a trailer which is representative for the documentary in progress.


Activists and NGOs are constantly in the search of new and creative methods to raise the level of awareness in regards to social issues among the general public and the decision makers in the administrative field, and filmmakers have a hard time reaching subjects of social impact. One World Romania stepped forward to meet these needs and brought together, for the first time in Romania, professionals from both fields, in order to facilitate the development of creative documentary film projects on local realities.  


Representatives from 8 NGOs, and 15 directors and visual artists from 4 partner countries - Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and the Republic of Moldova -, have participated in the first stage of Civil Society Pitch 4, at the first pitch in July 2020.


We live in the same region, we face the same dilemmas, we write and we talk about the same challenges, yet we often forget to communicate directly. Civil Society Pitch brings filmmakers (documentary directors or producers) and activists/organizations which fight for defending human rights face to face.  Some call it facilitation, others call it courtship. Irrespective of the name, it’s only one thing that we are interested in: we encourage the release of new documentary films in the region. Civil Society Pitch offers the perfect framework in this regard: foreign tutors with vast experience in the field, a two-day dense program, mentorship for development for ten months, a follow-up workshop and personalized feedback, and a 4000 euros prize for the best project.


At the moment, Civil Society Pitch finalizes its fourth edition and, during the last 6 years, it enjoyed the support of the following partners:


-          Watch Docs International Film Festival Poland

-          Advocate Europe

-          Balkan Documentary Center

-          VERZIO International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Budapest

-          MOLDOX International Documentary Film Festival from Cahul

-          European Documentary Network

-          HBO Romania

-          The Ministry of Culture and National Identity

-          The Royal Danish Embassy

-          Transilvania Bank


In the public pitching session on June 16th 2021 will participate 5 teams (director+NGO), which will present their project in front of an international jury and the interested audience:

Kristina Jacot & Oberliht Young Artists Association: LETTERS FROM THE PERIPHERY

Andreea Udrea & Identity Education: DEEA X

Ana Preda, Andrada Popan Dorca & Climb Again: BEHIND THE EYES

Paul Chirilă & Climb Again: SECOND NATURE

Petya Ivanova & Karin Dom: TETRIS

The jury gathered in 2021 will decide the winning project and the One World Romania Association will offer, with the support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN), the 4000 euros development prize.


We document real stories and we support creative works inspired by reality.

The project which took place between 2020-2021 benefited from AFCN co-financing.

The project doesn’t necessarily represent the Administration of the National Cultural Fund’s position. AFCN bears no responsibility for the content of the project or for the ways in which the results of the project can be used. These are entirely the beneficiary of the funds’ responsibility. 


Coordinated by Tudorița Șoldănescu


Ana Preda
I have been working in Television for over 25 years, mostly as Producer and Journalist. For the last 3 years I have been focusing more on producing and directing documentaries. I am in my last year of a Master Program for Documentary Filmmakers, held at Romanian National Film and Theatre University ”I.L. Caragiale”, Bucharest, Romania. During my studies I made three short films, documentaries. Filmography: 2019 “OLIMPIA”; 2018 "ON MY WAY"; 2017 "The Long Road to the Merry Cemetery"; 2016 “The Filipovans and Nekrasov’s Cossacks”
Andrada Popan-Dorca
Andrada is a Romanian filmmaker and User Experience designer. She is particularly interested in social documentaries; she's made films about various topics, from cemeteries and the love of cinema, to LGBTQ issues and ageing.
Andreea Udrea
As a young Romanian documentary filmmaker, I have a keen interest in human rights issues. Social inequality and injustice have been at the center of most my shortfilms so far. I documented subjects and worked as a director and editor in Slovenia, France and Romania. "Like the Mountain", my debut documentary short, tells the story of Ahmad Shamieh, a middle-aged Syrian refugee who lives in Ljubljana and is stuck in the local bureaucracy. Currently, I’m working on the development of new documentary projects, all while distributing my recent shorts and maintaining a full-time job in video production in Bucharest.
Kristina Jacot
Kristina Jacot was born in 1999 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. She was involved in various projects with ecological and social profile of the EcoVisio organization, within which she founded a Horse Shelter. In 2019 she began to become actively involved in the film community, participating in the documentary film workshop with social impact "Exploration Lab" - MOLDOX, in the courses organized by the Oberliht Association and the film school MADS, and participated in the International Film Festival "Queer Voices”.
Paul Chirilă
Paul Chirilă was born on the 19th of June, 1984. He graduated the University of Theatre and Film “I.L. Caragiale”, Cinematography. He shot "Kurganoblast" in 2012, a short film that won the best documentary award at the "Cinemaiubit" film festival in Bucharest. He directed a mid-size documentary in 2020, while studying Documentary Filmmaking at UNATC in Bucharest. "A Letter From Romania" is the portrait of an energetic pensioner that acts as an activist and has a nationalistic way of seing. He started work on a project this year. It's a film on moral issues concerning the Ditrău conflict.
Petya Ivanova
Born in 1985 in Bulgaria. Writer, director and producer of two short fiction films and a featured documentary. Worked as researcher and assistant director for international documentary projects. 

Asociația Tinerilor Artiști Oberliht
The Oberliht Young Artists Association is a non-governmental, voluntary, politically unaffiliated organization, founded in 2000 and based on a long experience as an independent cultural actor. The Oberliht Association aims to interconnect scattered art scenes and form an artistic community, using public spaces. The association aims to support young artists and contribute to their personal development. It develops and maintains interdisciplinary platforms and projects aimed at connecting both local and international art and contemporary culture initiatives, and advocates for a strong and independent cultural sector in the Republic of Moldova and in the region.
Climb Again

For five years, Climb Again organisation has fundamentally changed the lives of children and young people with special needs – more than 600 open their doors each year to win the fight for independent living skills and to increase their confidence. Climbing is one of the sports that generates the easiest the flow state – meaning to live in the present and to focus 100% on what you are doing at the moment. For children with disabilities, it is a moment of detachment from all problems and overcoming fears, including fear of judgment and the perception of others. With the opening of the first climbing therapy center in Europe, Climb Again team organize free sessions of indoor climbing therapy for children and young people with various types of deficiencies, especially those with visual impairments.

Also, they coordinate and train the National Paraclimbing Team, which obtained medals at international competitions and brought the climbing and the Team’s performances on the public agenda.

With young people with special needs, we find that those around them have always said, "you cannot". These barriers remain rooted and they grow with the conviction that they will be dependent all their lives on those around them, an aspect that we, the Climb Again team, firmly believe it must be changed.

At Climb Again we are exceeding every day our limits as our motto is “Overcome the impossible”.

Climb Again is a non-governmental organization affiliated with the Romanian Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (FRAE), founded in 2014 and led by Claudiu Miu, former Balkan climbing champion.
Identity.     Education

Identity.Education is the only LGBTQI+ NGO in Timisoara. Identity.Education was born in 2018 out of the need for a formal representation of the LGBTQI+ community and out of the wish to work together with other NGOs with a similar mission to promote human rights through cultural activism.

Our vision is the inclusion and recognition of the LGBTQI+ community as an integral and active part of a healthy diverse community of the city.
Karin Dom
23 years after its establishment Karin Dom is an organization with a leading role in providing professional services for children with special needs and their families. Over the years, Karin Dom develops and grows as a therapeutic center for children with special needs, which employs highly qualified specialists: physiotherapists, rehabilitators, speech therapists, psychologists, special teachers, social workers.
The main activities are realized by:
* Center for providing services for children with special needs and their families (for children aged 3-8),
* Center for Early Intervention (for children aged 0-3) and by a
* Resource and training center (qualified training for organizations and professionals).
Karin Dom annually supports over 300 children and families and trains over 1200 specialists.
Currently, we are working on the project for a new therapeutic center that will be built and established in the next 3 years.
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