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CIVIL SOCIETY PITCH is a unique East-European initiative, which aims to bring in contact filmmakers who are willing to expose a certain facet of the regional social, economic, or political situation through art and activists immersed in this same reality. The goal of our program is to join these different experiences and sensibilities in view of long-term collaborations between professionals from Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

The structure of the international program includes five phases and will be held over one year starting spring, according to the following agenda:

1.     pitching session, match-making, and acceleration phase (April/May)
2.     research and development (May-October)
3.     follow-up workshop (November)
4.     development and production (December-April)
5.     public pitching session and development award (May).

During the first phase of the program a number of maximum 15 NGOs and 20 filmmakers from the four aforementioned countries are selected to attend the professional trainings. They will be matched into mixed teams (filmmaker + NGO) that will research and develop film ideas for several months with mentorship from One World Romania, and exactly after one year we will invite the best teams (a minimum of 3) to take part in the final Pitching Session. 

The 4,000 euro development prize will be awarded by OWR to one of the filmmakers, in order to support the production of the project that was developed with the help of the NGO partner.

The selection of the participants was carried out by the organizing teams from all four partner countries, based on a open call for submissions. 


71 filmmakers and 45 NGOs participated in the four previous editions and the Civil Society Awards went to the following teams: director Iulia Stoian & Centrul FILIA and Funky Citizens for the film THE INVISIBLE (2016), director Eliza Zdru & Teach for Romania for the film LEARNING TEACHING (2017), director Laurențiu Garofeanu & Center for Legal Resources for the film LOST AND FOUND (2019), director Andreea Udrea & Identity Education for the documentary DEEAX (2022).

Contact: Tudorița Șoldănescu / atelier@oneworld.ro 

The CIVIL SOCIETY PITCH program is initiated and coordinated by the One World Romania Association, in partnership with the Balkan Documentary Center (Bulgaria), Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Hungary), and MOLDOX Community Association (Republic of Moldova).