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Carmen Torres
Colombia, Spain
78 min.

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Contemporary families




Romanian, English


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Director Carmen Torres’ pensive voice takes us on a journey through the figures from her past, lingering over beautiful memories of her adoptive mother, and invites us to join her on a personal odyssey in search of her biological mother. Fractured moments of her everyday life and brief impressionist shots — a laughing child, a butterfly in flight, the wavy flow of water — make us privy to her intimate exploration of the surrounding reality and her own self, examining her relationship with each of the two maternal images she discovers. “Dawn," a celebration of the present, of memory and of the future, is a keen observation of how our surroundings — people, places, the little things — make their mark on us and on how we deal with loss. What truly defines us and how much can we really change? In a style that is very personal and full of life, Carmen Torres shows how our past pushes us forward to become and meet new people. (Teodora Leu)

awards and festivals

Doclisboa International Film Festival 2018

Cartagena Film Festival 2018

Havana Film Festival 2018

Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival 2018


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