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Pilot project, launched in 2019-2021, with financial support from UNHCR (Gabriela Leu & Zoran Stevanovic) and in partnership with UNATC „I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest (Doru Nițescu) and PERIPHERIE centre de création cinématographique (Agnès Jahier) in Paris, coordinated by  One World Romania. The purpose of the project was to support film students from UNATC in the creative process and bring them closer to the refugee community in Romania. 16 students were  split in mixed teams and shot 5 films that follow the lives of Ammar from Siria, Z. from Siria, Amer Abdo from Siria (interpreted by Osama Dabbour), Aime from Congo and Fatima from Afghanistan.The mentors that closel
UNHCR Romania has collaborated with photographer Horia Manolache to create the photo exhibition Refugee Doctors in Romania, which includes the stories of eight refugees working in the medical system and who are now residents of Romania. The debate will take place in the presence of a team of doctors who took part in the project.Discussion with: Horia Manolache, Ebrahim Musawa, Abdulraoof Al-Khateeb, Larisa Sandu (project manager LOGS), Mujib Basim (intercultural mediator) and Gabriela Leu (UNHCR)* Free entrance
Asociația One World Romania invită tinerii cu vârstele cuprinse între 14 și 19 ani din Timișoara să se înscrie până în 25 septembrie 2022 la atelierul de film documentar Point & Shoot.Despre atelierul din TimișoaraAtelierul va dura 5 zile și se va desfășura în perioada 5 – 9 octombrie 2022, în Timișoara, la Sala StudioArt, Str. Episcop Augustin Pacha, nr. 8.Atelierul va fi coordonat de doi tutori, cineaști români cu experiență în domeniul cinematografiei: Cristina Haneș (regizoare și producătoare de film documentar) și Dragoș Hanciu&n