From Supermarket to Boutique Approaches

18 March, 17:00 - 20:00


During this event dedicated to the film industry, KineDok aims to investigate new distribution strategies for documentary films, by analysing the way in which international distributors plan the life of a film and organise its journey through various exhibition platforms. In this open session guests with rich experience in traditional and alternative distribution methods, film festivals and VOD platforms will explain how they work with filmmakers and promote films to the general public. A cocktail party will follow the discussion, where filmmakers will have the opportunity to connect and mingle with the distributors.

Guests: Diana Tabakov (Czech Republic - Doc Alliance Films), Tor Fosse (Norway - Tour de Force | Bergen International Film Festival), Maja Lindquist (Sweden - Doc Lounge), Oliver Sertić (Zagreb)

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The festival was created in 2008 by the: Czech Centre Bucharest