Talk : The public’s role in investigative journalism

24 March, 13:30

Apollo 111 - The Bar

Each person willing to talk is a ressource, a wheel that can get get things moving. People that talk to journalists have become rare, because in the times we live in they find useless to say what they need to say. A well documented journalist piece also implies a lot of persuasive work in order to explain to the people why is it important to talk, that they can change things and that they are not alone. 

Journalist Diana Oncioiu ( will lead the conversation with her fellow journalists Paula Căbescu (The Investigative Media Center), Victor Ilie (Inclusiv), Andrei Leonte (Info Sud Est) and Andreea Pocotilă (Vice Romania). The talk will take place during Zilele Superscrieri (24th-25th of March), an event that brings readers closer to some of the best journalists in Romania, closing with the Superscrieri Gala #8.

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