Workshop with Guillaume Massart and Alexandra Mélot on the directing and editing process of their film

23 March, 13:00


Guillaume Massart and Alexandra Mélot, the director and the editor of “In the Open”, which we will be screening as part of this year’s edition of the festival, would like to invite you to a session of collective reflection on the choices made throughout the editing process of their film. We will be returning to the seven months of residence in the Périphérie Centre for Cinematic Creation, situated in the region of Paris, and to the gambles, the joys and the tribulations involved in the experience of editing a documentary film.

This event is organised in collaboration with Périphérie and La Cinémathèque du documentaire.

Périphérie is a center for documentary filmmaking, founded and implanted in the Seine-Saint-Denis region in 1983. The association works along four axes: a residency program for filmmakers, interventions in film education, audiovisual heritage and the festival Les rencontres du cinéma documentaire.

Périphérie offers a framework for formal experimentation, in which narratives and images are elaborated to create new ways of perceiving and representing reality. One of Périphérie’s key features is that it functions collectively, regularly bringing minds together to discuss the films at different stages of their editing, through round-table meetings and debates. Filmmakers, editors and producers, as well as spectators and film theorists, union leaders and researchers, students and shelter residents, all come to share their thoughts on documentary film and various writing processes.

Ideally, we will meet 4 times a year, in Bucharest, around a three hours public case study of the editing of films that has been edited through the Periphérie residency program, each time with the two filmmakers - director and editor. We will start this journey during the OWR festival with the film "La Liberté" by Guillaume Massart, edited by Alexandra Mélot.

Through these encounters, our intention is to sensitise the public to this highly important phase in the making of a film. Students will be surely be part of our audience, but it will be open to everybody, whether they are professionals or not. We hope it will give cinema lovers the tools they need to analyse all the images they are confronted with in their daily lives - to maybe help them become more aware, more active - as citizens as well.

We will eventually and hopefully publish books based on the taping of these encounters and on a kind of diary the filmmakers have to write all along their residencies.

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