A Journey Through the Ruins of Bucharest | ARCEN

23 March, 17:00

Palatul de Justiție din Splaiul Independenței nr. 4

ARCEN invites you, in the penultimate day of the festival, on Saturday, March 23rd, at 5pm, to take part in a pedestrian route dedicated to the city’s lost heritage. An atypical walk, behind the curtain of the socialist blocks of flats on Unirii Boulevard, in an isolated island where almost no one passes except the few inhabitants who are still in the area, a puzzle of abandoned lands and houses built at the end of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, stood up behind the largest urban and social experiment in which Bucharest was subjected. More than 9,300 houses have disappeared from the area and over 57,000 families living here have been moved to other parts of the city.

Starting point of the route:

The Palace of Justice - Splaiul Independenței nr. 4 (near the Domnița Bălașa Church).

The route goes down the streets:  Sfinții Apostoli – The Palace of Justice – Danielopol Gheorghe – Apolodor – Vânători – Unirii Boulevard – Mitropolit Antim Ivireanul – Gladiolelor – George Georgescu

We will have a second tour on Sunday, March 24th, from 5.00 p.m.

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The festival was created in 2008 by the: Czech Centre Bucharest