Civil Society Pitch 3. Final Round

19 March, 14:30


CIVIL SOCIETY PITCH powered by ONE WORLD ROMANIA 3rd edition (started in March 2018) will end with a pitch session open to the teams who have completed all the stages of the project they began last year, have researched a topic related to human rights and have made a trailer to represent their work-in-progress documentary.

In the first stage from March 2018 we welcomed the participation of representatives from 13 NGOs and of 19 directors and visual artists from four partner countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and the Republic of Moldova.

We live in the same part of the world, we face the same dilemmas, we write and speak of the same challenges but we forget to communicate directly with each other. Civil Society Pitch connects filmmakers (directors or producers of documentary films) with activists / organisations who fight to protect human rights. Some call it facilitating, others call it wooing. Regardless of its name, though, we are only interested in one thing: we encourage the emergence of new documentary films across our shared region. Civil Society Pitch is the ideal environment to get the ball rolling: international tutors with a high level of knowledge and experience in the field, mentorship and guidance towards the development of projects and a substantial prize to the winning team.

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