The First Year of Democracy, the First Year of Confusion

20 March, 20:15

Cinema Elvire Popesco

What happens when a nation rids itself of a political regime and is left without leaders? The post-revolution tensions in Romania stirred not only panic, but also a general feeling of paranoia, where the group of provisional leaders was under constant scrutiny and anyone could be suspected by their fellow citizens of terrorism, of opportunism, of partisanship with the remaining communists.


Following the special screening of Laurențiu Calciu’s “After the Revolution,” join us, together with the director of the film and with Nicolae Rațiu, the son of one the most prominent figures of the year 1990 and a candidate in the first presidential elections after 1989, Ion Rațiu’s, to retrace the steps of the first elections after the Revolution.

With: Nicolae Rațiu, Laurențiu Calciu, Sorin Șerb

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