Talk. The Constitution After the Revolution

22 March, 17:00


The desire for freedom, voiced in 1989, seems just as strong now, 30 years on. But how well does th Constitution adopted in 1991 protect our freedom? The discussion will bring into view the contrast between the constitutional themes preoccupying us these days (Emergency Ordinances, the separation of state powers and the rule of law) and those that were on everyone’s minds in the early 1990s (forms of government, the protection of private property and the rights of minorities). To what extent are these topics dependant on the changes made to the Constitution in 2003 and on the activity of the Constitutional Court? What are our weak spots as citizens and how can we safeguard our freedom?

Speakers: Simina Tănăsescu, professor of constitutional law, Tiberius Tănase, jurist and historian, Péter Eckstein-Kovács, human rights lawyer.

Moderator: Codru Vrabie, activist civic.

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