Urban Tour: Gay Life in the Bucharest of Article 200.

24 March, 11:00


Until the year 2001 it was illegal to be gay in Romania. If you were found guilty, you could risk a sentence of up to five years in prison. Article 200 had become an instrument of terror and blackmail in the hands of the Moral Militia. Either you became an informant, or you would be sent to a reeducation centre. During Communism, the witchhunt for gay people was one of the Party’s constant pursuits, so gay life could only exist in hiding. In the absence of modern dating apps, how was it possible to meet someone? Dominic Brezianu and Florin Buhuceanu are the keepers of some of these secrets, which they’ve agreed to share with us on a tour around the centre of Bucharest.

The tour was inaugurated by Dominic Brezianu at Bucharest Pride 2018 and, for the purposes of being presented during One World Romania, has since been enriched with the addition of new histories and places selected by Florin Buhuceanu.

Întâlnire: 24.03 | 11:00 | Hotel IBIS Gara de Nord | Calea Grivitei 143, București
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Un eveniment Asociatia Accept organizat în parteneriat cu One World Romania

guided by Dominic Brezianu and Florin Buhuceanu

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