Discussions. On Russian Democracy

24 March, 16:30

Cinema Elvire Popesco and Cinemateca Eforie

After the screenings of “Putin’s Witnesses” we would like to invite you to two special discussions around the evolution of democracy in post-Communist Russia. Armand Goșu and Anton Breiner will be moderating the discussions with one of the most active militants for the consolidation of democracy in Russia, journalist and activist Oleg Kozlovsky, who has staged multiple non-violent protests intended to defend democracy and human rights in Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine and Moldova. Kozlovsky has been arrested and held in custody on several occasions on account of his pro-democratic activities, and in May 2008 he was named by Amnesty International a ‘prisoner of conscience’. In 2010 he was also presented with the “Ion Rațiu Award for Democracy”.

With: Oleg Kozlovsky, Armand Goșu and Anton Breiner

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