Debate: What do we do when we succeed?
26 August
Gelu Duminică
Gelu Duminica (b. 1977) is a doctor in sociology and associate professor of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest. He has a long experience in the field of social inclusion of vulnerable groups and European social policies, with a focus on the development of Roma communities in Romania. For the last 17 years he has been active in the Romanian NGO environment, being the executive director of the Community Development Agency “Împreună”, one of the most active Roma organizations in Romania.
Ciprian Necula
Ciprian Necula is a Roma activist, founding member of Aresel Platform, doctor of sociology and associate professor at SNSPA.
Mălina Voicu
Cercetător științific la Institutul de Cercetare a Calității Vieții al Academiei Române
Vasile Dâncu
Vasile DÎNCU este de profesie sociolog, cu o bogată carieră didactică și de cercetare în domeniul ştiinţelor sociale şi în publicistică, fiind implicat activ în viaţa publică din România.
Moderator: Mircea Toma - President ActiveWatch

Last year, Romania made important strides on a sensitive issue: the barometer of interethnic relationships announced that the Romanian who have freed their minds of the stigma against the Roma have exceeded in numbers those who only see Roma people as ‘gypsies.’ Although the news came as a rare victory of respect over hatred in these three decades of democracy, it has mostly gone unnoticed. We would like, with your help, to try and remedy this oversight. We believe it is necessary to discuss this moment both from a historical standpoint, and in the context of the relationship between the majority of the population and the different minorities subject to discrimination. Our intention is to try and find, with your help, answers to some of the questions: “Is it healthy to celebrate this news?”, “Does ignoring victories mobilise or discourage people?”, “Does victory overshadow current crises?” or, generically: “What do we do when we succeed?” The answers may prove useful when it comes to drawing up future public policies and organising social interventions. We invite you to join us in this exercise, which we hope will be attended by the most experienced scholars, creators of public policies and civic activists.

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