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Michel Khleifi
West Germany, Palestine, Netherlands, Belgium
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Michel Khleifi Retrospective




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Al Dhakira al Khasba


• 20 March, 18:00, POINT

The film will be screened in the presence of: Michel Khleifi

Michel Khleifi
Michel Khleifi was born on November 3, 1950 in Nazareth, Israel. He emigrated to Belgium in 1970, where he studied television and theater directing at the INSAS. After graduating, he worked in Belgium television before turning to making his own films. He has directed and produced several documentary and feature films. He has received several awards including the International Critics' Prize at Cannes Film Festival, the Golden Shell at San Sebastian International Film Festival and the André Cavens Award in 1987 for his film "Wedding in Galilee". Khleifi currently teaches at INSAS.


Michel Khleifi has chosen to film two women, Farah Hatoum, a widow in her fifties who, ever since the authorities confiscated her family’s lands in 1947, has been working in an Israeli factory in Nazareth, and Sahar Khalifeh, a young writer and teacher in the Israeli occupied West Bank, to make a film about the occupation and the condition of Palestinian women. The aim is not to encourage them to talk about politics, but rather to give us an insight into their point of view and their way of life. Michel Khleifi scrupulously films their daily rituals — focusing on their faces and gestures —, their conversations with relatives, or their conversations with the director, always about very specific things they deal with on a daily basis. By showing us these little “nothings” Khleifi puts at our disposal all the tools we need in order to feel what it is to be a woman in an Arab society, or to live under occupation without being able to cultivate the land of your ancestors. He helps us get a sense of the Palestinian’s situation and makes us question the nature of freedom “from the inside”. (Vanina Vignal)

awards and festivals

São Paulo International Film Festival 1981
Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage, Tunisia 1981 - Prix de la critique
internationale, Prix de la première œuvre
Festival de cinema dei popoli Florence 1981 – Prize of the Jury

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