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Alexandru Andrășanu

Alexandru Andrășanu

Geologist, professor

Alexandru Andrășanu is a geologist, professor, pioneer in the application of geoconservation and geopark programs in Romania. He has been involved in over 50 national and international projects, is the coordinator of the master's program Geobiology applied in the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, director of the UNESCO International Geopark Ţara Hațegului, initiator of the UNESCO International Geoparks and UNESCO expert for geoparks, with assessment missions in 15 geoparks from 11 countries all around the globe. He loves to inspire and be inspired by creative, dreamy and optimistic people.
Magor Imre Csibi

Magor Imre Csibi


conduce departamentul de Leadership la Trendconsult, cu misiunea de a schimba cultura în cât mai multe organizații și în societate. Între 2017-2018 a fost directorul executiv al biroului WWF în Korea, după ce a condus 7 ani în România cea mai mare organizație de conservare a naturii din lume, WWF. A fost și europarlamentar, ales pe listele PNL vicepreședintele Comisiei de Mediu, Sănătate Publică și Siguranță Alimentară din Palamentul European și a predat la Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai. În 2009 a fondat publicația Think Outside the Box, pe care a și coordonat-o în primii doi ani.
Paula Dunker

Paula Dunker


Paula Dunker promises that her (artistic) work is based on the analysis of the systems of representation, production and creation. She mostly works with the body. Romanian contemporary dance's daughter, sister of the local political theater, mother in the Bucharest queer clubbing scene, she is (together with Alex Bălă) the initiator of the techno-faggothique music genre. Confronting existing patterns, she helps build up possible new worlds and heal this one.
Raluca Negulescu-Balaci

Raluca Negulescu-Balaci

Executive Director

Raluca Negulescu-Balaci is the executive director at UiPath Foundation, a global non-profit organization founded in January 2019 by UiPath.
The UiPath Foundation's mission is to support children from disadvantaged communities in Romania and India through integrated support programs, in order to provide them with equal access to quality education. Raluca has over 13 years of experience in the non-governmental sector, focusing on the development of programs with social and educational impact dedicated to children from socially vulnerable families in Europe and India. She was involved in the team that developed the documentary Toto and his sisters (director Alexander Nanau) and collaborated with the team of the documentary Acasă - My home (director Radu Ciorniciuc) in building contexts of global dialogue on the challenges facing children from vulnerable families. Since 2015, Raluca has been a student of the Young Leaders program - Aspen Romania Institute and of the Global Shapers community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum.
Roxana Bucată
Roxana Bucată is a researcher in environmental sciences and policies, with a focus on the energy transition. Over the past 10 years,, she has documented environmental issues and written for several publications, such as Think Outside the Box, Scena9, Vice, PressOne, Euractiv.
Tedy Necula

Tedy Necula


Tedy Necula producer in Necula Agency - I help brands tell an inspirational story through video. My portfolio includes Fan Courier, Chevrolet, UNICEF, the European Council, Orange Romania, Unilever, Apa Nova, JRC Germany, Blue Heron Foundation. My way of doing things has only one goal: to find and express that inspiring part of any subject or brand that will motivate a world through its message.


Cintia Gil

Cintia Gil

Film curator

Film curator Cintia Gil was born in Portugal. From 2012 to 2019, she worked as a co-director and then director of Doclisboa, while from 2019 to 2021 she has coordinated the Sheffield DocFest.
Gil has curated a variety of contemporary and historical film series, retrospectives, and exhibitions. In addition, she has been a member of the executive Board of Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário, the Portuguese Documentary Film Association, since 2015. She has served as a juror at various international film festivals, such as the Berlinale, Cairo Film Festival, Ficunam, Mar del Plata, Jerusalem Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, Taiwan IDF, FidMarseille, Seville European Film Festival, DokuFest, among many others.
Gianina Cărbunariu
Gianina Cărbunariu (b. 09.08.1977) is a theater director and playwright, who serves as the director of the Youth's Theater and curator of the Theater Festival in Piatra Neamț. Her fiction shows draw their inspiration from documenting through interviews or archival research on subjects pertaining to the current reality or the recent past. Her projects are developed independently, in co-production with various state theaters, or produced by theaters from Romania and abroad, and they have been presented in numerous international festivals and tours.  Gianina Cărbunariu’s texts have been translated and staged by directors from France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Israel, Belgium, Switzerland, Chile, Austria, and Greece. She co-authored the script for the film “Uppercase Print,” directed by Radu Jude.
Lotte Mik-Meyer
Lotte Mik-Meyer is a professor and Head of the Documentary Department (MFA) at the Norwegian Film School. She has a master’s degree in International Development Studies and Media Science and has studied at the Roskilde University, the University of Copenhagen, Université Paris VII, University of Durham. In addition to teaching at the Norwegian Film School, she has been involved in talent development programs in collaboration with The National Film School of Denmark, Binger Film Institute, Screen Institute Beirut, Sundance, and other venues in Denmark and around the world. Lotte has worked "one woman, one camera" in the Middle East and the Southern part of Africa and has a vast experience in filming by herself in conflict areas from Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Madagascar. 
Filmography (director and cinematographer): Return of a President (2017) / The Arab Initiative (2008) /  What We See (2006) / Drawing/a non-linear structure (2006)



Alexandra Mihaela Dancs
Alexandra Mihaela Dancs is an independent dancer and choreographer. She collaborates with Vava Ștefănescu, Cosmin Manolescu, Florin Flueraș, Cătălina Gubandru, Doris Uhlich, Mădălina Dan, Andreea David, Zan Yamashita, Rui Catalao, Carmen Coțofană, Robert Bălan, Jean Lorin Sterian, Florin Fieroiu etc. In 2010 and 2012 she was a DanceWeb Fellow at Impulstanz Vienna. In 2014 he received the Excellence Award for his contribution to the construction of Romanian contemporary dance from the National Dance Center of Bucharest. In 2016 he conceived “Everything for Endorphins”, a program produced by CNDB, addressed to all dance lovers. Since 2019 it is part of "pj.lo & the accidentals". “ALTER” hybrid intervention in collaboration with Nicoleta Lefter and Vlaicu Golcea, on the lyrics of Angela Marinescu, the solo “In Search of Dance” and the duet “Attention: River Residents!” in collaboration with Urvi Vora are his latest projects. He is an associate artist of AREAL - a space for choreographic development.
Alexandru Solomon
ALEXANDRU SOLOMON is the President of the One World Romania Association and until 2018 was the director of the documentary and human rights festival organized by the association. Alexandru is one of the most active and award-winning Romanian documentarians, directing and producing documentaries since 1993. The list of documentaries directed by Alexandru include: "The Great Communist Robbery" (2004), “War on the Waves” (2007), “Capitalism - Our Secret Recipe” (2010) and “Tarzan's Eggs” (2017). In 2017, he published the volume "Representations of memory in documentary film". He teaches at UNArte, Photography and Dynamic Image department.
Alina Haiduc Sukumaran
Alina Haiduc Sukumaran, a Conscious Planet volunteer - Save Soil (Isha Foundation), is a Confidence Coach, founder of the Power of the Appreciation Group Mastermind, and an author published by Hay House. She passionately studies, practices, teaches, and writes on the Habits of Happiness, out of her desire to contribute to a happier world and wellness on all levels. The idyllic childhood spent in her grandparents’ village in Ardeal enabled her to understand the power of the communion of man and nature, as well as the values of community and those of collaboration, principles which she promoted through her work as a Save Soil volunteer and through the Appreciation Groups.
Ana-Maria Marinescu-Pălăduș
Ana-Maria Marinescu-Pălăduș is an activist with 15 years of experience in the field of education focused on sustainable development and the climate changes as part of the REPER21 Association, which she co-founded. Born in Turnu Măgurele, since 2016 Ana has been the president and the founder of the Turnu 21 Local Action Group, which aims to reduce poverty and social exclusion in Turnu Măgurele, as well as to promote sustainable development in this community.
Andreea Hofer
Andreea Hofer is a founding member of MaiMultVerde and has an experience of over 15 years in environmental projects and fundraising. She has coordinated extensive campaigns of afforestation and food waste control, as well as educational programs in schools. She believes that social change can begin from within the communities and militates for the development of civic instruments which can be used to protect natural ecosystems.
Andrei Cotoară
Andrei Cotoară has been a member of the Romanian Ornithological Society since 2017 and an experienced birdwatcher. His passion is to observe various species in Romania and Europe and identify them visually or based on sounds. After 6 years of hard work, documentation and experiences spent with the best ornithologists, Andrei Cotoară became one of the best connoisseurs of birds in Romania, being a participant in numerous monitoring programs to conserve wild bird species. Andrei is a first year student at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Bucharest. Andrei says that his passion for ornithology includes a rich range of activities, because that's the only way you can become a good birdwatcher.
Aurelia Grecu
Aurelia Grecu is a specialist in ecology and environmental protection, with a doctorate in science environment and over 18 years of activity in the field of environmental assessments and studies for different types of ecosystems, including agricultural ecosystems, with experience in inspection and ecological certification of food, land, biodiversity. She is involved in promoting local ecological solutions, collecting and disseminating the best practices, as sustainable alternatives to soil degradation, biodiversity decline and climate change. It represents the international initiative "Save the soil" as a volunteer, the aim being to encourage people to live a conscious life, in harmony with nature. She is also a trainer for organic and sustainable agriculture systems and a lecturer for environmental and waste management.
Bogdan Iancu
Bogdan Iancu is a lecturer and coordinator of the Anthropology and the Visual and Social Studies MA programs at SNSPA Bucharest’s Sociology Department. He has a PhD in Anthropology and Ethnology from the Universita degli Studi di Perugia (Italy) and teaches Ethnographic Practice, Visual Anthropology, the Anthropology of Labour, and Material Culture. Among his research interests we find the locational aspirations and the domestic material culture of the middle class in Bucharest (and other places), postsocialist urban and rural landscape transformations, visual and sensorial representations of the domestic space.  Along with Monica Stroe and Andrei Mihail, he has recently coordinated the publication “Instances and ethnographies of the quarantine during the pandemic” (Pro Universitaria Press 2021).
Claudia Șerbănuță
Claudia Șerbănuță is a library specialist with an international experience in the support of modern library services for community development. She has a PhD in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Between 2014-2016 Claudia served as an interim director of the National Library of Romania. During the last four years, she has worked at the Progress Foundation Romania as a Community Development Manager for national and international programs centered on promoting the democratic access to education. Claudia Șerbănuță is one of the main organizers of the Occupy Library international conference and a member of EduCaB Romania.
Cristina Briziou
Cristina Briziou is a composting guide and she is responsible for the communication and training departments at Urban Cultor. She works as a horticulturist, participates in urban agriculture projects, and manages the Bio&co farm, where she practices the principles of ecological and regenerative agriculture. In her opinion, the composting and the transformation of urban bio-waste is the key to a more sustainable future in regards to food production. In this regard, "Food for the Earth, Composting Communities for Climate" is her dearest project.
Eliza Trefas
Eliza Trefas is a performer and choreographer, in the fields of contemporary dance and visual arts. She is currently doing her own research and projects in collaboration, feeding and keeping her interest for bridging visible and invisible forms of life through the body. She started to present her work in contexts such as eXplore Festival Bucharest, Bang Torres Vedras, Multiplicidades Festival Santa Cruz, RAKETE TQW, DO Festival Gdansk, National Dance Centre Bucharest. In 2021, she was awarded the CNDB prize for her contribution in contemporary dance.
Felicia Ienculescu-Popovici
Felicia Ienculescu-Popovici is a director of the Greenitiative Association and the Green Mogo Center, one of the greenest buildings in Romania. An initiator of the Green Schools Platform and co-author of the curriculum and the teaching auxiliaries for the optional program Eco Education for Green Schools, she has tried to find an innovative eco education formula for Romanian schools. She received various awards for her work, for instance the Women of Courage Award (offered by the USA Embassy in Bucharest) and the Roger Léron Award (offered by the FEDARENE, the European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment). In 2011 she participated in the prestigious program International Visitor Leadership Program, the section dedicated to climate change and clean energy. Since 2020 Felicia has worked as a counsellour at the Local Council in Mogoșoaia, Ilfov.
Florin Flueraș

More than visual or conceptual, Florin Flueras sees his recent practice as affect art. In Love, Unexperiences, Unimages, Unhere, he explores body situations and capacities that act meta, affecting what underlies the conceptual and perceptual, what is possible to think, see and feel in different contexts. In Artwork he transforms works into practices, composing a "method" in the format of somatic / spiritual methods. In Art Opening he aims for temporary zones of possibility, for art openings at the levels of formats, contents and aesthetics. With Alina Popa he created alternative art environments, artworks as Artworlds (Unsorcery, Clinica, Black Hyperbox). With Ion Dumitrescu he initiated Candidate an entity based on their Postspectacle practice of applying performance tools to other zones of reality. In some venues his works appear uninvited – Unofficial Unworks. He's often transferring performative approaches to his writing and back. He's interested in situations where implicit norms, expectations, sensibilities are affected and opened to new possibilities. His practice expands into spheres of politics, philosophy, spirituality, health care, media, education, literature – producing performative meetings between art and its outside, affecting conventions and certainties in both areas.

Florin Stoican
Florin Stoican, president of the Kogayon and Văcărești Natural Park Associations, is a geologist, conservationist, coordinating member of the teams that established the Buila-Vânturarița National Park and Văcărești Natural Park, with expertise in nature conservation, management of protected areas and sustainable natural resources, ecological education.
George Bouroș
George Bouroș works for the Biological Diversity Conservation Association in Vrancea. He is a biogeographer, has a PhD in Biology, and carries out research and conservation activities focusing on subjects like: protected natural areas, environmental activism, geoinformatics (GIS), the ecology of carnivorous species and mammals, the rehabilitation and the saving of wild animals. Since 2013 he has been a member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Otter Specialists Group, and since 2019 he has worked as a National Geographic explorer.
Incze Zsuzsa
Project manager at the Civitas Foundation for the civil society, coordinator of the Food Hub program, with an experience of over 15 years in rural development.
Ioana Dobrescu
Ioana Dobrescu is the Managing Director of Water Footprint Implementation, a lead knowledge partner for private and public organizations aiming to understand their water use along the value chain and how it impacts the global economy, environment and society. Ioana is also constantly engaged in various other water programmes and initiatives. She has been organizing and implementing international learning and youth development programmes with the Wetskills Foundation and is co-leader of the Youth workstream of the UN World Water Quality Alliance.
Ionuț Bădică
Ionuț Bădică is the President of the Romanian Permaculture Research Institute, co-founder and coordinator of the Grădinescu project - the largest network of urban gardens in Romania. Currently he is the manager of the Soil and Soul project - the permanent center of innovation, production and education in regenerative agriculture.
Judita Ragauskait
Judita Ragauskaite is the coordinator of the human rights documentary film festival ”Inconvenient Films” from Vilnius, Lithuania. Founded in 2007 as an annual cinema event, it is currently the largest documentary film festival in the country and over the years it has developed various programs aimed at promoting documentary cinema in schools and libraries. 
Lavinia Andrei
Lavinia Andrei has been trained as an energy technician. In 1993 she discovered the emergence of civil society in Romania and since then she has been devoted to this field. She initially worked as a volunteer, then as a project manager, and in 1998 she co-founded the TERRA Mileniul III Association with some friends. Through the organization she runs, Lavinia has implemented hundreds of projects, and most of these have been aimed at the fight against the causes and effects of climate change. From all the projects that have been implemented, however, those who are closest to her heart are the educational projects because they give one “the satisfaction of a thing that is well crafted.”
Luana Poienar
Luana Poienar is passionate about all that is beautiful, whether in matters of taste or the visual field. She specializes in nutrition and personal development, offers guidance through cooking workshops and nutritional counseling to those who wish to improve their relationship with food. She has vast knowledge and experience in European programs and the culinary industry and offers a fresh approach on the proposed subject. She warmly invites you to have a talk with her in the workshop.
Magda Huiculescu
Magda Huiculescu is a founder and ceramist in the workshop Mudly in Love, and a person guided by the desire to bring people closer to art and their creative nature. 
Magor Imre Csibi
Magor Imre Csibi coordinates the Leadership department at Trendconsult, a firm which has the mission to change the culture in as many organizations and in the society as possible. Between 2017-2018 he was the executive director of the WWF office in Korea, after leading for 7 years in Romania the largest nature conservation organization in the world, WWF. He was also a Member of the European Parliament, elected on the PNL lists by the Vice-President of the European Parliament's Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) and taught at Babeș-Bolyai University. In 2009 he founded Think Outside the Box, which he coordinated for the first two years.
Maria Draghici
Maria Drăghici is an artist, activist, and researcher in a variety of pluridisciplinary teams which investigate the social-political reality in the public interest, with a focus on the broader concept of school through artistic creation. 
Mihaela Pelea
Mihaela Pelea is a nutrition technician who offers nutritional and psychonutritional counseling to those who wish to lose weight, to improve their relationship with food, or to feel better, healthier, and to boost their energy. Mihaela is very passionate about the role played by food in our health and lovingly shares information on this subject on her Facebook page - Mihaela Pelea Nutriționist, the place where you can also discover the recipe she creates in order to help us build healthier nutrition habits more easily.
Mihai Barabancea

Mihai Barabancea is an unconventional visual artist from Bucharest who uses the photographic environment, but also video art. The topics he addresses are contemporary society and the magical hyper-realism or influence that media and social constructions have on society. His approach is a combination of street photography, documentary but also staged photography. He is the author of 3 cult photobooks: Sequence Rewriting, The Kiss (album accessible also for the visually impaired), Falling on Blades - the latest book being published by Patrick Frey of Switzerland. Also, his first album won the Typographic Experiment Award at the "Most Beautiful Books in Romania" contest.

He wrote, co-directed and directed the artistic direction for the film "Blades Digital". His latest show is Metatronix 3000 - "on eastern futuristic nostalgia" @ 2/3 Bucharest Gallery. In his vast experience he has participated in numerous exhibitions, residencies but also unconventional events and has witnessed atypical situations, incredible at the limit of absurd reality. That is why he considers it necessary to share his knowledge with people who are open and passionate about art, absurd experiences but also photography.

Mihai Enescu

Mihai Enescu - Mihnea's father, in love with life and Romania, volunteer for noble causes, activist for the promotion of correct and documented information about forests, always confuses work with passion. 

Trainer, project manager, forestry engineer, doctor of forestry, assistant lecturer and last but not least, the one who asks you when you last smiled :)

Mihai Zotta
Technical Director of the Conservation Carpathia Foundation
A forest engineer with an experience of over 20 years in the conservation of nature. For 11 years now, he has been managing ecological reconstruction projects, the activity of various forest departments, as well as the rapid intervention teams of the Conservation Carpathia Foundation. He believes the forest doesn’t need us to save them, just like wild animals don’t need us to save them, through the “regulation” of populations through hunting. All we need to do is to leave enough space for nature in order for it to evolve organically.
Mina Sava
Mina Sava is an architect, a graduate of the Ion Mincu Architecture and Urbanism University in Bucharest. She also has a master’s degree in Architecture (1997). Since 2002 she has worked as an associate architect at A Stil SRL. She has received numerous prizes at various architecture competitions. In addition, Mina Sava is a founding member of the Romanian Order of Architects (OAR) in 2003 and a delegate of the National Council of OAR 2014-2021. She is also a founding member and president of the De-a Arhitectura Association since 2013, the first Romanian organization to develop and promote non-formal architecture education programs for children and young people. She serves as a representative of the Romanian Order of Architects for the “Architecture and Children” program held by the International Union of Architects.
Oana Barbonie

Oana Barbonie is the visual editor of the DoR publication and has been part of the team since 2018. She studied journalism and visual anthropology. She has been making collages for over ten years and tells visual stories in any format she can get her hands on, from writing on post-it notes to combining photography, drawing or video. Maybe you came across one of her short stories written in blue on Instagram.

Oana Ghera
Oana Ghera is a film curator, expert in cinema education, and cultural manager. She has served as co-selectioner of the NexT International Film Festival between 2016-2018, as project coordinator in the Education à l’image cinema and One World Romania at School education programs (2015-2018), and, beginning with 2020, she is the artistic director of the Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (BIEFF) and she coordinated the Bloc Zero Cultural Association, which she co-founded.
Petra Dobruská
Petra Dobruská is an anthropologist, education expert, program producer and director, editor, and translator. Starting with 2010, she has been working in the cultural field and that of educational projects, and she founded the cinema education program One World Romania at School. In 2019 she co-founded th Bloc Zero Association. The most recent project developed and designed by her, the POC! comic book, deals primarily with environmental issues, a subject she’s been concerned with over the years, both professionally and personally.
Roxana Buzețelu
Roxana Buzețelu is the founder of the Little Joys Association, a NGO which promotes self-love and love for nature. Our goal is to encourage people to return to conscious living, in order to respect the nature which surrounds us and to understand the vital role it plays. Beyond our relationship with the environment, we cultivate, in the people who support us, the importance of inner discipline, as well as that of a constant practice of awareness in regards to everything that happens within us and the way it reflects in the choices we make. 
Roxana Buzețelu
Roxana Buzețelu is the founder of the Little Joys Association, a NGO which promotes self-love and love for nature. Our goal is to encourage people to return to conscious living, in order to respect the nature which surrounds us and to understand the vital role it plays. Beyond our relationship with the environment, we cultivate, in the people who support us, the importance of inner discipline, as well as that of a constant practice of awareness in regards to everything that happens within us and the way it reflects in the choices we make. 
Roxana Luca
Roxana Luca was driven to spread the science of Yoga, after being profoundly impacted and inspired in her programme with Isha Foundation in 2016, Roxana. Following 3 months of volunteering at the Isha Yoga Centre in South India in late 2016, she completed a further 5-month period of intensive training, with over 1750 hours of focused time, to be able to absorb and deliver tools of Classical Hatha Yoga. Roxana has remained a teacher and key volunteer ever since, conducting impactful Yoga classes across Europe. She is mainly based in Romania, though has reached audiences as well in the UK, Slovenia, Austria & Hungary.
Tea Vasilescu
Tea Vasilescu is a Communication Specialist with 15 years of experience in the NGO environment. She did volunteering for environmental protection, journalists' rights, but also in the social and health domain. She worked on the radio for a while, but her soul remained with the communities. She is an active mother, in her corner of the world, in Corbeanca, where she is trying to become a better citizen, (at least) an average environmentalist and to inspire her little boy and his friends to learn about a better world. You can follow her posts on and on her personal blog
Tilman Scheel
Tilman Scheel is the Managing Director and  Founder of Reelport GmbH. Born 1970 Tilman studied art history and law. In 2001 Tilman became a lawyer with Arthur Andersen/Ernst&Young consultants, his areas of expertise being company and media law. In 2004 Tilman founded the reelport GmbH, a VoD service for the film industry, providing partners like the European Film Academy with state of the art video solutions. In 2017 Tilman founded AVA, the leading VoD service for public and university libraries in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Serbia.
Vera Marin
Vera Marin has been teaching at the Architecture and Urbanism University since 2001, when she was one of the initiators of ATU - the Urban Transition Association. Beginning with 2013, she has been the vice-president of the De-a Arhitectura Association. She is an architect specializing in urbanism and project management and has worked in the associative sector and private companies as a trainer, consultant, project coordinator, expert, specialist with a right of signature in urbanism. The themes of these projects vary, but they all follow the same principle, namely that of dialogue as a means of finding optimal solutions.


Abdallah Al-Khatib
Abdallah Al-Khatib (b. 1989, Yarmouk) studied Sociology at the University of Damascus. He worked for the UN as coordinator of activities and volunteers, as well as for the UNRWA as coordinator of the Youth Support Center in Yarmouk. With several friends, he created the humanitarian aid association Wataad, which carried out dozens of projects in several regions of Syria, and in particular in Yarmouk. In 2016 he received the Per Anger Human Rights Award in Sweden. Abdallah currently lives in Germany, where he was recently granted refugee status.
Ada Solomon
Ada Solomon is a Romanian producer and the founder and managing director of HiFilm Productions, created in 2004 and microFILM, created in 2012. She has been working in the film business for 25+ years.
She has been collaborating for both feature & documentaries with the main figures of the Romanian New Cinema such as Cristian Nemescu, Radu Jude, Razvan Radulescu, Adrian Sitaru, Constantin Popescu, Alexandru Solomon and has produced short films and debut features of emerging filmmakers such as Paul Negoescu, Cristian Iftime, Daniel Sandu, Ivana Mladenovic, Sebastian Mihailescu, Stefan Constantinescu, Valentin Hotea, Adriano Valerio, Federico Bondi, Martha Berman.
She has produced films presented and awarded in the most prestigious festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Venice, and Sundance. Recent projects include CHILD’S POSE (Călin Peter Netzer, 2013), which won the Golden Bear in Berlin, AFERIM! (Radu Jude, 2015), which won the Silver Bear, and BAD LUCK BANGING OR LOONY PORN (Radu Jude, 2021), Golden Bear winner. Ada Solomon has co-produced with numerous European countries and has released her films in over 50 territories. She has served as a line producer for foreign international projects such as Franco Zeffirelli’s CALLAS FOREVER and Maren Ade’s Oscar-nominated TONI ERDMANN.
Apart from her producing job, Ada Solomon is managing, together with Tudor Giurgiu, Cityplex, a network of miniplex cinemas in Romania, which is a member of Europa Cinemas. Also she is the founder of the Short & Medium Length International Film Festival NexT.
She is the Deputy Chairwoman of the board of the European Film Academy, the Executive President of the European Women’s Audiovisual Network, the Romanian National Coordinator of EAVE, member of the executive board of ACE. She was awarded with the European Co-production Award – Prix Eurimages at the 2013 European Film Awards.
Adrian Cioflâncă
Adrian Cioflâncă is a historian. Director of the „Wilhelm Filderman” Center for the Study of Jewish History in Romania and a member of the Collegium of the National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives. Since 2005, he is a member of the Romanian Delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. Consultant for several movies and theatrical plays.
Aleksey Lapin
Aleksey Lapin was born in Tomsk, Russia. He moved to Italy with his family at the age of 10, where he finished school and received a Bachelor of Art from Bolzano Free University in 2010. After that, he attended Michael Haneke’s directing class at the Vienna Film Academy. His short film “100 EUR” (2018) was screened at many short film festivals around the world and won the main prizes at Premiers Plans d'Angers and Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.
Andra Popescu
Born in the last years of the Socialist Republic of Romania, Andra Popescu studied Fine Arts and Political Science. Ten years ago, she started working as a documentary film producer in Azerbaijan and Georgia. Five years ago she became interested in the phenomenon of Cineclubs, a vast infrastructure of film studios for amateurs, belonging to factories or cultural centers for students, spread across hundreds of cities in the Eastern Bloc countries from 1957 until the fall of the Soviet Union. She gathered 16 mm reels from Romanian cine-amateurs in a collection made available at Her practices as a filmmaker are rooted in visual anthropology, research methodology, archives, and found footage.
Claudia Joldes

Claudia Joldes

Director Assistant

The Country

Daniel Kötter
Daniel Kötter is an international filmmaker and music theater director. His works alternate between different media and institutional contexts and combine experimental film techniques with performative and documentary elements. They have been shown worldwide at numerous film and video art festivals, in galleries, theaters and concert halls. His most recent project is Landscapes and Bodies, a series of spatial performances and 360° films on the landscape and social consequences of extractivism in Germany, West Papua, DR Congo, and Estonia.
Dr. Róbert – Árpád Lakatos
Robert Lakatos is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, known for his docufictions: ”Bahrtalo! - Hai Noroc!,” documentaries: ”Tărâmul liniștii,” ”Moszny,” „Casino Transsylvaniae,” short fiction films: ”Gen(i)us Diabolis,” which have received awards such as the Europa Cinemas Label Award at Karlovy Vary IFF 2008, the Golden Dove (short footage – up to 45 min) at DOK Leipzig 2004, and the Hungarian Film Critics Award. His movies participated in some of the most important festivals in the world including IDFA, Visions du Réel, Moscow International Film Festival, Mostra de Valencia, Sofia International Film Festival and were broadcast on Channel 4 (UK), TV Ontario (Canada), DR TV (Denmark), and YLE TV (Finland), among others. He teaches Film Directing at Sapientia – Hungarian University of Transylvania (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), as well as the President of the Hungarian Filmmakers from Transylvania Association.
Elisabeth Perceval
In their movies, Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval examine the cinematic form, as well as the challenges of the contemporary world, while showing vulnerable human beings in a society which instead of supporting them, often makes their situation even harder. The works of the two filmmakers have been presented in various festivals from all over the world: La Quinzaine des réalisateurs, Locarno, Toronto, le Cinema du Réel, le FID, DocLisboa.
Florent Marcie
Florent Marcie (born 1968, France) began his activity as photographer in December 1989, during the Romanian revolution. Later on, in 1994, he debuted as a documentary director. His projects focus on how mankind behaves in wartime, the challenges of information in our societies, and the prospects for revolutions in the post-Cold War world.
Gabriela Leu
As Public Information and Communications Associate for the UN Refugee Agency Representation in Romania, Gabriela Leu works to give refugees a voice through media and public work. She is responsible for the strategic communication of the Office, designed to increase impact on various audiences including media, government, nongovernmental partners and refugees themselves.  She is also working to expand and consolidate a network of allies that would help UNHCR advocate for refugees. 

She joined UNHCR  fourteen years ago from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) - Presence in Albania where she served for four years as Head of Field Station.

She graduated the Faculty of Psychology, Sociology, and Pedagogy and holds a Master of Psychotherapy at Bucharest University.
Gerald Weber
Gerald Weber was born 1965 in Vienna, Austria. He studied History, Geography, Philosophy, and Film Theory in Vienna and Barcelona. He is the co-founder of "Projektor - Discussion forum on film, video, and new media" and co-organizer of the ”Film-SUBJECT-Theory” international symposium (1996). SInce 1997 Weber has served as permanent staff member of Sixpackfilm and, beginning with 2004, as deputy CEO of the same company. He is also a curator of numerous film programs in Austria – film festivals, cinematheques, and other venues. In addition to all this, he gives lectures, hosts film discussions and workshops, and occasionally writes about cinema and media.
Ionuț Sorin Banciu
Ionuț Sorin Banciu graduated in 2003 the Forestry Faculty at "Transylvania University" in Brașov county. Between 2003-2005, he attended Postgraduate Studies in Applied Informatics and Programming at the "Technical University" in Cluj Napoca county, later obtaining a master's degree in forest ecosystems management at „Transylvania University” in Braşov county in 2011. Currently, Mr. Banciu is a PhD student in Forestry at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of the "Transylvania University" in Brașov.
He started his professional career in 2003 as project engineer in forest management plans, advancing later as production manager in forest harvesting and wood products. After 2005, he was Head of Forest Office at a private Forest District in Brașov county, then public procurement manager and forest office coordinator at „Piatra Craiului” Forest Administration in Brasov county, having also several managing positions at local forest administrations until 2017. Between September 2017-November 2020, Mr. Banciu was the regional leader for forest programs at WWF Central and Eastern Europe (formerly the Carpathian Danube Program). Mr. Banciu began his public service career in 2016 as State Secretary for Forests’ advisor, at the Romanian Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests. In December 2020, Sorin Banciu was elected Deputy in the Romanian Parliament and he was member of the Environment Commission of the Chamber of Deputies until March 2021.
Mihai Gavril Dragolea
Mihai Gavril Dragolea specializes in documentary and hybrid fiction filmmaking. He made films that premiered at important film festivals in Europe and have won various awards, notably ”The Golden Robot” (2015), ”PhoeniXXX” (2017), ”One Month of their Life (2017) ”Everything for Riana” (2020), and ”Aurică, a Dog’s Life” (to be released in 2022). His films focus on the destitute and unrepresented in the media, be it humans or other types of vulnerable sentient beings, a subject on which he is also developing a Ph.D. He lectures on Documentary Practice at the Faculty of Theater and Film of the Babeș-Bolyai University. In addition, he is working in the ecological field and has started a tree planting venture. 
Nicolas Klotz
In their movies, Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval examine the cinematic form, as well as the challenges of the contemporary world, while showing vulnerable human beings in a society which instead of supporting them, often makes their situation even harder. The works of the two filmmakers have been presented in various festivals from all over the world: La Quinzaine des réalisateurs, Locarno, Toronto, le Cinema du Réel, le FID, DocLisboa.
Radu Jude
Radu Jude graduated from Universitatea Media in 2003. His short film The Tube with a Hat (2007) was awarded in various international film festivals. His first feature films were The Happiest Girl in the World (2009), for fiction, and The Dead Nation (2017), for documentary. In 2016 he also debuted as a theatre director in an adaptation of Bergman.
Vlad Petri
Vlad Petri is a cinema director interested in political and social subjects, often mixing personal images with official archives. His films, bordering between documentary and fiction, have been shown in international film festivals like Rotterdam, Sarajevo, or Jihlava. He won two Romanian GOPO awards - one for Best Debut (2015) and another one for Best Short Film (2021). His selected filmography includes: “Where are you Bucharest?” (2014 - feature), “The deer passed in front of me” (2020 - short) and "The same dream" (2021 - short). He is currently in production with his second feature ("Between revolutions") with an expected premiere in 2023.