Home, Sweet Home

35 de ani cu Nao și cu familia sa

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Ise Shinichi
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• 16 March, 21:00, Cinemateca Eforie


The film will be screened in the presence of: Shinichi Ise

Shinichi Ise
Documentary filmmaker, born in Tokyo in 1949. Nao is his niece. His first full-length documentary movie was "Nao-chan" (1995), which recorded eight-year-old Nao and her family. He has made a series about Nao including "Piglets" (2002) and Arigato (2006). "Home, Sweet Home" is the fourth in the series. Many of the documentary films he has produced depict the themes of family, illness and caretaking.


“Home, Sweet Home” is much more than a film about the theme of disability. We begin our journey when Ise Shinichi, the uncle of a family of two children, decides to film Nao - the family’s 8 year old daughter who suffers from epilepsy and a mental impairment - until her final days, as a gift to the girl’s mother, Ise’s sister. Despite the initial prognosis of the doctors who didn’t give Nao very long to live, the girl proves stronger and more determined, and Ise would keep filming her until the age of 43. How was he to know, when he first pointed the camera at her, that through her, with her, and thanks to his decision to film her and her family he would end up creating hours and hours of invaluable footage able to one day tell a story about (our) life, about (our) human relationships, about the meaning of life? This moment has now come and, without us realising it, Isi Shinichi manages to lead us on a far and profound journey, with her, with them, totally. (Vanina Vignal)

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Taiwan International Documentary Festival 2018

DMZ International Documentary Film Festival 2018


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