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Ruth Beckermann
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Retrospective Ruth Beckermann




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• 18 March, 20:30, POINT

The film will be screened in the presence of: Ruth Beckermann

Ruth Beckermann
Ruth Beckermann was born in Vienna, where she also spent her childhood. After her studies in journalism and history of art in Vienna, Tel Aviv and New York, she took her PhD in 1977 at the University of Vienna. She since contributed as a journalist to several Austrian and Swiss magazines. Since 1985 she works as a writer and filmmaker.


Marc-Aurel is a street in Vienna where, at the time this documentary was being filmed in 1999-2000, Ruth Beckermann used to live. It is also a street that used to be famous for its jewish textile mechants. In an attempt to capture the spirit and diversity of the neighbourhood, the filmmaker visits the five or six cafés it boasts, painting a series of vivid and complex portraits of the people who, through their daily presence, breath life into them. Each and every one has their own story to tell, one more fascinating than the next — from the Iranian owner of Salzgries café with his unique theory about how Viennese intellectuals see foreigners, to the charming textile merchant whose parents were killed in the Holocaust. The area seems ideal to host a variety of people, from different generations, cultures, and with different interests and habits. The only spectre threatening this harmony is the result of the 2000 elections, which saw an extreme right wing party joining the governing coalition. (Andrei Rus)

awards and festivals

Berlin International Film Festival 2001

Jihlava Film Festival 2001

Belgrade Film Festival 2002

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