Hotel Jugoslavija

Hotel Iugoslavia

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Nicolas Wagnières
78 Min.

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After the Revolutions


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Hotel Jugoslavija


Prompted by an exploration of his own personal relationship with Yugoslavia’s past and the chain of events which led to the exile of his family, director Nicolas Wagnières chooses to investigate the particular history of Belgrade’s Hotel Jugoslavija, and the way in which the changes that the building has suffered reflect the changes undergone by Yugoslavia itself ever since World War II and up to the present day. Erected in 1969 by Tito and intended as an unwavering symbol of unity and fraternity between all the different nations that made up Yugoslavia at the time, the mythical connotations of Hotel Jugoslavija begin to shatter with the dissolution of the utopian socialist dream, based on the assumption that the citizens of Yugoslavia would be able to let go of their divisive ethnic and national differences, and would voluntarily choose to be part of a new society, which they could build together. (Raluca Durbacă)

awards and festivals

Berlin International Film Festival 2018

Taiwan International Documentary Festival 2018

São Paolo International Film Festival 2017


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