House of Dolls (work-in-progress)

Casa cu păpuși (work-in-progress)

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Tudor Platon
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Casa cu păpuși (work-in-progress)


• 16 March, 13:00, Pavilion 32 - Goethe-Institut

The film will be screened in the presence of: Tudor Platon

Tudor Platon
Tudor Platon is a Romanian director of photography passionate about visual storytelling. He holds a BA and an MA in Cinematography from the National Film and Theatre University from Bucharest. The shorts and features he has shot won various awards for best cinematography and got international appreciation from festivals like Cannes, Toronto, Locarno, Cairo and Warsaw. "House of Dolls" is his first project as a director and is a part of an extensive and very personal series of works related to his own family.


In the summer of 2016, the person I loved the most in my entire life, the grandmother who raised me, died. I tried to fill the void she left behind by getting closer to Cica, my mother’s mother, who never allowed me to call her ”grandma”. Out of the need to spend more time with her, I ended up filming her and her best friends during one vacation in the country side.

After getting to know them, I understood that for Cica, Nana, Elena, Pupi and Aura time doesn't exist. They chose to remain a bunch of young girls who have the same life problems as I, but aren’t yet fully aware of how they ended up in 70-year-old bodies.

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