I Had a Dream

Am avut un vis

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Claudia Tosi
Italy, France
84 Min.

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Romanian, English


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• 16 March, 21:00, ARCUB

The film will be screened in the presence of: Claudia Tosi

• 17 March, 11:00, Cinemateca Eforie

The film will be screened in the presence of: Claudia Tosi

Claudia Tosi
Claudia Tosi studied at the University of Bologna, as a Philosophy major. She has worked as a creative documentary filmmaker since 2003. In 2011 she has attended EAVE as a writer, in 2012, at Eurodoc as a producer. In 2014 she has attended IDFA Academy, in 2015 Berlinale Talents to develop "I Had A Dream" in the context of Doc Station Platform. She is member of EWA since 2016, when she attended the Training Program on Multiple Revenue Stream.


Featuring Daniela, a local activist for an Italian political party, and Manuela, a representative in the Italian Parliament, the film documents the past 10 years of transformations in the political life of Italy, and the threat of transitioning into a new type of politics: populism. This political transformation manifests itself both through a change in voters’ attitude towards the two protagonists, but also through shifts in their own attitude towards the work that they do. While initially perceived as regular people with a desire to change Italian society for the better by entering the political stage, they’ve now come to be seen as no more than members of a privileged class, that of the politicians, and the impact that these labels have on them is increasingly echoed in thoughts contemplating laying down the weapons and giving up on the idea of politics altogether. (Raluca Durbacă)

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DOK Leipzig 2018 - Golden Dove

Prize of The Interreligious Jury
Prize of The Fédération Internationale De La Presse Cinématographique


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