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Beryl Magoko
Germany, Kenya
90 Min.

Photo Film


English, German, Kikuria, Swahili


Romanian, English

Original Title

In Search...


Super women


Female circumcision is a quasi-unknown practice in most places, but among a few African cultures it (still) remains a tradition preserved for many generations. Beryl Magoko was subjected to this abuse herself, and is now torn between digging into the past and the prospect of a bright future through reconstructive surgery, an intervention that would restore her previously excised organ and return her to a normal life, a life that is complete on all levels. In her search for answers, the director interviews other victims of abusive female circumcision and goes back to her origins in order to investigate the mechanisms behind this enforced tradition and seek a solution to the emotional dilemmas bred in the bosom of this theft of individuality. Beryl Magoko’s film is like a confession disrobed of modesty, an honest discourse on how traditions and a patriarchal mentality can mutilate destinies. (Andreea Chiper)

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awards and festivals

DOK Leipzig 2018

Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival 2018


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