KINEDOK is an international programme for alternative distribution of creative documentary films, organized in seven European countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Norway, Bulgaria and Romania.

A common catalogue of films is created, where each partner country contributes with some of the most interesting documentaries produced in recent years, which end up being screened throughout the year in hundreds of locations in all seven territories, generating an impressive viewer community. An important objective of the project is to diversify and extend the distribution chain beyond traditional cinemas, by organizing screenings in any space that has the potential of turning a film into a community experience (galleries, museums, bars, public libraries, cultural centers etc.). The cinematic experience is enhanced through discussions with filmmakers, producers, protagonists and experts on issues generated by the films, consequently encouraging social dialogue and developing an active viewer community. 

The 5th edition of KINEDOK offers a new selection of relevant documentaries as well as an online catalogue with films from previous editions that will be available through VOD platform. KineDok 2019 combines the event-based distribution with online distribution in order to satisfy people's growing demand for high-quality documentaries. 

Between 2015 and 2018 we managed to organize 879 KineDok screenings in 61 alternative places from over 30 cities in Romania, developing communities of cinephiles interested in documentary film, all over the country. With a total public of 23.650 people so far, KineDok has become a strong platform for alternative documentary film distribution, completing the classical distribution, bringing documentaries closer to the public.

We launch the 5th KineDok season with the Hungarian film ”A Woman Captured”. We are pleased to welcome you on Monday, March 18th, 21:00, at Cinemteca Eforie and on Tuesday, March 19th, 18:00, at ARCUB.

Contact: Monica Stan / / +40 720 001 166

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The festival was created in 2008 by the: Czech Centre Bucharest