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Yolande Zauberman
105 Min.

Photo Film


Forms of justice




Romanian, English


CG Cinéma

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Yolande Zauberman and Menahem Lang travel back to the Israeli city of Bneï Brek, where Menahem was raised in an ultra-orthodox community, in order to understand how such a highly spiritual group of people can abuse children on such a shocking scale and then cover it up. What begins like a formal investigation soon turns into a stroll along the streets of the city during which, in the hot summer nights, the camera jumps from one encounter to another, from one person to the next, all willing to talk openly about what usually is hidden. What we witness is a succession of almost magical encounters with people who, just like Menahem, were abused as children and who are now ready to talk about what is still painfull. They know that monsters do not exist, they have overcome their hatred, they don’t cast judgement. To take the time with these men confronting what they have experienced and unashamedly reflecting together on something that used to be so shameful is extremely precious. Their manner is very simple and, with them, we are made to understand the very complex nature of what they have been and are still going through. How do you live in the aftermath? That is the question. (Vanina Vignal)

awards and festivals

Locarno International Film Festival 2018 - Special Jury Prize

Locarno International Film Festival 2018 - Environment is Quality of Life Prize

Hamburg Film Festival 2018 - Sichtwechsel Film Award

Seville European Film Festival 2018 - Best Director

Sarajevo Film Festival 2018


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