My Home, In Libya

Casa mea, în Libia

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Martina Melilli
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My Home, In Libya


• 16 March, 21:00, Pavilion 32 - Goethe-Institut

The film will be screened in the presence of: Martina Melilli

• 17 March, 16:00, POINT

The film will be screened in the presence of: Martina Melilli

Martina Melilli
Martina Melilli is a visual artist, filmmaker, translator and curator. At the moment, she’s based in Milan, Italy. She got an MA degree in Visual Arts and deepened her studies in documentary and experimental cinema at Luca School of Arts Brussels. After working on various exhibitions in Brussels, she later moved to Bari in Italy, where in 2015 (together with Andrea Sgobba and Cristina d’Eredità) she funded the cultural association OnDocks, which is active in the promotion of the language of documentary film. She’s the winner of Artevisione 2017, a project promoting young Italian video art, and which produced her short film "Mum, I’m Sorry", presented at Museo del Novecento in Milan. "My Home, In Libya" is her first feature documentary.


Martina is a young artist. In 1970, following Muammar al Gaddafi’s coup d’état, her grandparents fled Libya and, despite becoming Italian citizens since, their heart still lies with the Tripoli of their youth, a prosperous, multicultural and peaceful city. Wanting to explore for herself all the places she had heard so much about since childhood, but having been denied a visa to enter the country, Martina contacts a stranger via the internet: Mahmoud. The friendship budding between them allows her to discover a different city from the one she had reconstructed in her mind based on her grandparents’ memories, ravaged by the recent civil war, while still evoking the good old days behind the many layers of rust and lime deposited in the last half century. In an intimate and moving manner, “My home, in Libya” talks about that place of refuge we all need, called “home," despite being aware sometimes that reality might not match the mythical image we still hold in our minds. (Andrei Rus)

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