Support the One World Romania Projects!

Support the One World Romania Projects!

21 February

Between the 15 th and 24 th of March the 12th edition of One World Romania Film Festival
is taking place in six locations in the centre of Bucharest. But the festival is not the only
project of the One World Romania Association – some of them have already
established themselves, some are still in development, yet all are contributing to
building the general knowledge and understanding of documentary film and raising the
awareness to human rights issues.

After the first editions of the festival, several ideas for projects began to take form, to
later keep us busy for the entire year. In such a way we reached the One World
Romania at School project, KineDok, the programme of alternative distribution of
documentary film, Sahia Vintage, the project of rediscovery of archive Romanian
documentaries – or Civil Society Pitch, the workshop for developing new documentary

In 2019 we launched the One World Romania Cineclub – where twice a month we
screen documentaries that have reached a certain level of fame and importance within
film history. Starting from the second half of the year, we are planning on organizing
replicas of the festival in several cities in Romania. Moreover, until the end of the year,
we shall be organizing workshops for cinema professionals, as well as for NGOs,
students or the general public, where we shall invite critics, filmmakers and other
specialist to publish essays on various themes relevant to developing the documentary
culture in Romania.

To be able to develop and support these projects we need the support of all who believe
in our mission, who find it important that we have more access to documentary film and
public debates. We therefore ask those who want to actively support these projects to
donate to the One World Association through one of the following ways:

- the redirecting of a percent of the annual income tax to the One World Romania
Association, by completing and sending the 230 Declaration to ANAF before the
15 th of March 2019. The declaration, already filled in with the details of the
Association can be downloaded here.

- Subscription to the OWR Friends programme – fixed donations through PayPal.
Full details here.

- directly to the bank account of the Association IBAN:
RO37RNCB0090111191440001, opened at BCR Lipscani

In case you are not familiar with the secondary projects of the One World Romania
Association, we invite you to discover them between the 15 th and 24 th of March during
the 12 th edition of the Festival.


The evening of the 18 th of March is dedicated to the KineDok Project. From 17:00 at
POINT, the conference “Documentary Film Distribution: from supermarket to boutique”
will be taking place. With this event dedicated to the film industry we try to investigate
new strategies of distribution for the documentary, analyzing the way international
distributors plan the life of a film, as it travels through various platforms and means of
exposure to the audience.

The guests of the conference are Diana Tabakov (Doc Alliance, Czech Republic), Tor
Fosse (Tour de Force, Bergen International Film Festival, Norway), Oliver Sertic
(Restart, Croatia) și Maja Lindquist (Doc Lounge, Sweden). The four have extensive
experience in traditional and alternative distribution, film festivals and VOD platforms,
and they shall explain the way they work with filmmakers and how you promote a film.
After the conference, at 21:00 at Cinema Eforie, we have a KineDok preview – the
screening of the documentary “ A Woman Captured”, which is part of the selection for
2019 of the programme and will be touring the alternative locations in Romania.


CIVIL SOCIETY PITCH powered by ONE WORLD ROMANIA finishes on the 19 th of
March its 3 rd edition, started in March 2018, with a public pitch dedicated to the teams
that have undergone all the stages last year, who have documented a subject linked to
human rights and have made a trailer for their work in progress documentary.

In the first stage of Civil Society Pitch 3 we had attending the initial pitch of March 2018
representatives of 13 NGOs and 19 directors and other visual artists from 4 partner
countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Republic of Moldova.

At the public pitching session on the 19 th of March 2019, there will be 5 teams
(director+NGO) presenting their documentary project in front of the jury composed by
filmmakers Mona Nicoară and Alexandru Solomon. The jury will decide the winning
project and One World Romania will be awarding a developing award of 4000 euros.
The event is open to all filmmakers visiting the festival, as well as to the general


One World Romania at School is the educational all year round programme aiming to
bring documentaries and the discussion regarding human rights to high schools around
the country, through events dedicated to the students and the teachers. The students
have the opportunity to organize their own One World Romania Film Clubs, with regular
screenings, followed by free debates. Starting from 2017, high school students are also
organizing the first documentary film festival within high schools, AdDoc.

For high school teachers, One World Romania at School is developing educational
resources based on documentaries, a tool complementing what is taught in schools with
real stories about the past and the present. Moreover, the programme is organizing
intensive formation sessions at local and national level and is supporting teaching
through online educational platform.

During the 12th edition of the festival, the One World Romania at School team is
organizing special free entrance screenings dedicated to high school students, at
Cinemateca Eforie, from Monday 18 th of March until Thursday, the 21 st of March. More
details here: .

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The festival was created in 2008 by the: Czech Centre Bucharest