OWR 12 Opening Day

OWR 12 Opening Day

28 February

One to Remember For the Next 30 Years

On Friday the 15 th of March 2019, the official opening of the One World Romania International Human Rights & Documentary Film will be taking place at Universul Palace. We have prepared an unusual opening, a day full of events from which it is hard to choose – from noon till after midnight.

The official opening day begins at 12:00 at Apollo111 with the special screening of the
documentary “Dead Souls”, by Chinese director Wang Bing. The film having been
present in prestigious festival all around the world, such as the ones in Cannes, Toronto
or Sao Paolo, we are glad to be able to offer the Bucharest cinema lovers the unique
chance to watch this impressive documentary. After the 9-hour marathon-screening –
which includes two breaks in between – we will be discussing the documentary with
Andrei Gorzo, one of the most important film critics in Romania. More information about
the film and about tickets here.

Starting from 17:00 at Mezanin, we welcome you to the PechaKucha event. Recent
history and reticent history. We have invited 10 people with great initiative whom we
admire and who look at the past from a different perspective. We want to find out how we
can escape from the old-fashioned way history is being taught and how we can be more
aware of historic moments that have gone into oblivion. We will be talking about history
and alternative education in PechaKucha format with school students, university
students, sportsmen, artists or journalist, as well as with you, the One World Romania
audience. The event will be free entrance, but seats are limited, so make a reservation

At Mezanin from 20:00, the debate “From citizen to political figure: civic movements and
political parties in the 90s”. What can we learn today from the time period after the
Revolution and from the people who tried to change something, organizing themselves
in the street, or further entering (or not) politics? Ana Blandiana, Radu Filipescu, Mona
Muscă, Smaranda Enache and Radu Vancu will be sharing their own experiences, in a
discussion mediated by Alexandru Solomon. The event will be free entrance, but seats
are limited, so make a reservation here!

Friday the 15 th of March, at Linotip, we will be enjoying a new performance by Nicoleta
Lefter. “An tan tina” is an adaptation of Ana Blandiana’s book “Fals tratat de manipulare”
(Fake treatise on manipulation) and – as Nicoleta Lefter puts it - “it is an attempt to relate
to the politically curious times we are currently living in Romania. (…) What happened 30
years ago in December 1989 signified to me an act of courage and not the manipulative
exploitation of young people by the communist system. (… ) “An tan tina” is a parallel
between the kind of manipulative behavior that was used in communism and the one that
is used today.” The two performances on the Opening Day at OWR will be happening at
17:00 and 22:00, with tickets available here. “An tan tina” can also be seen during the festival, at POINT, on the following days: the 16 th , 18 th , 20 th , 22 nd , 24 th of March, from 22:00. Tickets available here.

At Salonul de proiecte, starting from 19:00, and 21:00 respectively, we have programmed
two special Sahia Vintage projections. Since the central theme of this year’s edition is
the passing of 30 years since the Revolution, the selected short films include the year
1989 and the following years. How did the documentary filmmakers at the time go
through the regime change and the other changes that came with it? How did they get rid
of the labels they were given during the communist era and what was the impact on their
films? Let us find together how the archives can help us rethink our relationship with the
past. After each Sahia Vintage screening, we will be discussing with Adina Brădeanu,
curator of the project, and our hosts from Salonul de proiecte, Alexandra Croitoru and
Ștefan Sava, what we will have seen. Tickets for the two screenings “Of Lives and

After a day full of screenings and debates, we will be needing some dance and
relaxation, so from 23:00 we invite you to Apollo111 for a concert and party with Future
Nuggets – Love Never Gets Out of Style. Together with Future Nuggets, we will be
offering a pop, neuro-vision evening, with obscure stars from Bucharest. Among the
guests we have Inana (Thomas Hofer) with one of the newest styles, hypnagogic pop, a
producer studied in hybrids, Fraga (Andreea Fraga), another unique ghetto-femme
synthesis, a future forbidding producer, Aneb/Plevna (Horațiu Șerbănescu), an irreplace
collaborator of Future Nuggets, and the ascending voice of Sarra, whose force we are
just beginning to feel. Tickets to the part are available here. To show you how
unmissable this event is, we leave you with this sample of the super-concert.

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