One or Two Questions

Una sau două întrebări

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Kristina Konrad
Germany, Uruguay
237 Min.

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After the Revolutions




Romanian, English


Weltfilm GmbH

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Unas preguntas


• 23 March, 18:00, Pavilion 32 - Goethe-Institut

The film will be screened in the presence of: Kristina Konrad

• 24 March, 14:00, Cinemateca Union

The film will be screened in the presence of: Kristina Konrad

Kristina Konrad
After studying history and philosophy in Paris, she worked freelance for Swiss Television. In 1983 she moved to New York; after a few months she decided to make films with Gabriel Baur in Nicaragua. Between 1987 – 1994 she lived and worked in Montevideo, Uruguay. Since then she lives in Berlin as author, director and producer (weltfilm GmbH). She has been invited to labs and juries and is a member of the European Film Academy.


In 1986 Uruguay, following 12 years of army and police abuses during a regime of military dictatorship, society finds itself in a moment of total confusion, circumstances which the leaders of the country take advantage of by introducing the idea of a vote to pardon the criminals of the dictatorship era, an amnesty law bound to disorient the population even further. In this climate of political turmoil, two women take to the streets to film the protests and interview the Uruguayan passers-by, pulled out of their mundane routines to be asked questions about justice and peace. Their initiative represents an act of defence against propaganda and manipulation. Compiling archival news pieces and contemporary commercials, “One Or Two Questions” chronicles a society torn in two, divided by waves upon waves of varied information that has been conveniently tweaked to fit the purposes of each of the sides involved — one is calling for the punishment of those responsible, while the other prefers a complete cover-up. (Andreea Chiper)

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Berlin International Film Festival 2018

Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente 2018

Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2018

Doclisboa International Film Festival 2018

Cinéma du Réel 2018

Torino Film Festival 2018

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