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Victor Bulat
Moldova, Romania
124 Min.

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Romanian, English


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Casa Noastră (Наш Дом)


• 24 March, 17:00, Pavilion 32 - Goethe-Institut

The film will be screened in the presence of: Victor Bulat

Victor Bulat
Victor Bulat is a young film director who got a growing interest in documentary film. While he graduated from a visual arts high school, where he studied drawing, architecture and mural art, Victor later decided to switch from visual arts to a different area: cinema. He got into the undergraduate program of film studies at UNATC, from where he graduated as a film director in 2018. He is now a first-year post-graduate student at the same university, studying Documentary Film Directing. His first documentary film is "Obor" (Fair, 2016).


During the winter of 2016-2017, a russian ethnic family from Bălți, Moldova prepares for the New Year's Eve. As the cold weather comes, the life of Natalia and her children harshens. Their house is partly occupied by Natalia, Ana, the oldest child, Timotei, the youngest and Xenia, Ana's daughter. But the whole house belongs to their father, Adrian, who divorced Natalia eleven years ago and who has emigrated to Moscow. Natalia and her family lives in only two rooms of the house, and they cannot affort heating the whole building. When Adrian decides to stop heating his half of the house, Natalia and her family knows this New Year's Eve will be different.

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