Ours is a Country of Words

Țara noastră este a cuvintelor

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Mathijs Poppe
43 Min.

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Ours is a Country of Words


”And what if we were to say say that we could finally return to Palestine?” Through a fable filmed and made with people who decide to play a game as though they were still children, we penetrate the complex reality of these Palestinians whose grandparents fled Palestine in 1948 and who, for three generations, have been living inside refugee camps - now namely that of Shatila, in Lebanon. Their dreams are given a voice. They describe an idyllic image - that of a Palestine which no longer exists - and, in fact, speak of the impasse in which they find themselves as refugees. Seeing them dream of this impossible return that determines their relationship with the world, we feel what other refugees must feel around the world. It is all the more precious to see these people of all ages taking part in this fictional-poem, as the editing simultaneously thrusts us into the centre of their lives and into the intimate environment of the camp - and we are able to see that their dream is obviously far from becoming a reality. They are caught in a double trap: by escaping into fantasy from the reality of the camp gives them the impression that it’s helping them face it, when in fact it deters them from forging their own reality, which might not have anything to do with Palestine. This evasion does not help them find their freedom. In the words of the narrator, “the country they call home is a country made of words.”

awards and festivals

Ghent Film Festival 2017

Valdivia International Film Festival 2018

Visions du Réel 2018


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