One World Romania At School is an educational programme running all year round that aims to introduce high-schoolers from all over the country to documentary films and to start a conversation about human rights, through various events addressed to students and teachers alike. 

The students are given the opportunity to organise One World Romania FILM CLUBS, with regular screenings followed by free discussions around a myriad of different topics. There is currently a network of 25 documentary film clubs active around several Romanian cities, but their number is continually growing. Beginning with 2017, the students have also been organising the first high-school documentary-film festival, AdDOC, using the motto “Truth or Dare” which the students who coordinate it have explained as follows: “our society holds certain truths, and if these truths are hurtful or upsetting we dare you to change them.”

One World Romania At School offers high-school teachers EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS based on documentary films, a tool that can append the school curriculum with real stories about the past and present, in order to help them educate future generations. In addition, teachers benefit from intensive training courses organised both nationally and locally, while their activity is supported through our ONLINE EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM and through a number of events they help organise. 

During the summer, our educational programme sets camp in the students’ and collaborators’ gardens and backyards from across the country, with our project called DOCUMENTARIES IN THE BACKYARD. And every autumn LUNA.DOC — a month-long programme of documentary film screenings in high-schools — focuses on a new topic starting from different stories that are likely to spark debate and to sharpen the students’ civic awareness and critical thinking. 

Contact: Petra Dobruska / / +40 732 429 826

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The festival was created in 2008 by the: Czech Centre Bucharest