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Hassen Ferhani
Algeria, France, Qatar

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143 rue du désert





In the sandy heart of the Sahara, there lies an unlikely oasis of light: the shop-café of a solitary woman, who lives her life surrounded by the expanse of the desert and a few domestic animals. But her existence is anything but empty: every day, travelers stop by in the modest, scantily furnished concrete shelter for a coffee, an omelette, or simply for the sake of pleasant confirmation. The woman’s cheerful and sometimes contradictory spirit is the mark of her charm, her magnetism that attracts both foreigners, and familiar guests, to whom she is equally friendly, even though she can sense lies and she doesn’t let anyone off the hook, maintaining her merciless critical lucidity. Hassen Ferhani’s camera is never intrusive and keeps a certain distance from the characters, allowing them space that is ideal for conversation and playfulness. In fact, this whimsicality sometimes reveals itself in unexpected forms, in the tender gestures towards the cat or in such scenes as the one with the prison game with one of the visitors, using the same minimalist space, a wall and a barred window. Malika is an example of stone-hard femininity, without making her any less gentle. (by Andreea Chiper)

awards and festivals

Locarno International Film Festival 2019 - Best Emerging Director / RIDM Montreal International Documentary Festival 2019 - Special Jury Mention / Torino Film Festival 2019 - Best International Documentary Film


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