The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters (work-in-progress)

Pocalul. Despre fii și fiice (work-in-progress)

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Cătălina Tesăr
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Pocalul. Despre fii și fiice


• 23 March, 13:00, Pavilion 32 - Goethe-Institut

The film will be screened in the presence of: Cătălina Tesăr, Dana Bunescu, Irina Malcea, Ciprian Cimpoi

Cătălina Tesăr
Cătălina Tesăr (b.1980) is trained as an anthropologist and works as a researcher at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant in Bucharest. She earned her PhD in anthropology from University College London with a thesis about the sexual, economic and political dimensions of arranged early age marriages among the Roma from Transylvania. During her 15-year experience of fieldwork in Roma communities, she learnt Romani language. She published extensively on such issues as marriage, begging, houses, and migration among the Roma. "The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters" is her debut documentary, which is based on her PhD research.
Dana Bunescu
Dana Bunescu is an editor, sound-designer and director. Born in 1969, in Craiova, she graduated in 1993 from the Faculty of Phyiscs in Bucharest, with a degree in optical and LASER technology, and later, in 2000, from the Film and Theatre Academy, multimedia section. Dana is the most celebrated editor of the New Romanian Cinema, and the filmes to which she collaborated have been awarded at many international film festivals.
Irina Malcea
With a background in Political Sciences, Irina starts working in cinema in 2011. Two years later, she sets up the production house Luna Film, while maintaining a strong collaboration with other Romanian companies. She produced the documentary feature I AM HERCULES by Marius Iacob, was executive producer on Andrei Cretulescu’s debut CHARLESTON and from the Romanian side, on the Bulgarian co-production PALACE FOR THE PEOPLE. 
She is co-producing Ines Tanovic’s THE SON and is in post-production with the documentaries TEACH by Alex Brendea and THE CHALICE by Catalina Tesar.
Irina is an EAVE Producers Workshop and PUENTES graduate. She is currently living and working in Bucharest and Brussels.
Ciprian Cimpoi
After studying sociology at University of Bucharest, he worked for 7 years as NLE editor for several TV stations. In 2015 he graduated from National University of Theatre and Film, specializing in Sound & Editing. He is the winner of the Gopo Award for best editing the Sieranevada feature film (d. Cristi Puiu). Attending Aristotle Workshop opened its appetite for documentary film.


In villages in Transylvania live a Roma population who preserved the tradition of marriages by arrangement. At the centre of marriages stand chalices (golden cups) which come from the ancestors and are passed on from father to son. Chalices are invisible in everyday life: they are kept hidden in the houses of Romanian neighbors. On the occasion of a marriage, the groom’s chalice is given in trust to the bride’s family until the new couple has a son – the ultimate guarantee of the endurance of a marriage. Daughters are not desired, because they bring the prospects for their parents to pay big cash dowries to marry them off. It is not uncommon that young couples resort to pregnancy interruption in case of female fetus. In this context, the documentary follows a young couple in their mid-20s, parents to a 5 year daughter who are striving to conceive a son, in order to comply with the custom concerning the male inheritance of ancient chalices. While they are living under tremendous strain as they are taking fertility and ultrasound checks, their respective families are disputing their rights in the chalice pledged when they arranged the couple’s match. Will the couple succeed in bringing forth a son or will they resort to sex selective abortion?

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