The Distance Between Me and Me

Distanța dintre mine și mine

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Mona Nicoară, Dana Bunescu
89 Min.

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Distanța dintre mine și mine


• 21 March, 20:30, Cinemateca Eforie

The film will be screened in the presence of: Mona Nicoară, Dana Bunescu

• 24 March, 21:00, POINT

The film will be screened in the presence of: Mona Nicoară, Dana Bunescu

Mona Nicoară
Mona Nicoară started working in film in 1997 as an associate producer for "Children Underground", which was later nominated for an Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary. Her directorial debut, "Our School" (2011) premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and went on to be awarded at festivals nationally and internationally.
Dana Bunescu
Dana Bunescu is an editor, sound-designer and director. Born in 1969, in Craiova, she graduated in 1993 from the Faculty of Phyiscs in Bucharest, with a degree in optical and LASER technology, and later, in 2000, from the Film and Theatre Academy, multimedia section. Dana is the most celebrated editor of the New Romanian Cinema, and the filmes to which she collaborated have been awarded at many international film festivals.


We trace the contour of a face and we notice a nose which we may be able to recognise instantly. Who does this curiously sublime and sublimely curious nose belong to? For many, the owner of this nose is one of the figures of their childhood, the playful voice behind Ninigra and Aligru. For Romanian literature, she is a monument. For the Communist regime, after having been in its first years one of its most fervent supporters, — a ”decadent poet”. But who was Nina Cassian to herself? ”The Distance Between Me and Me” is a testament to the endurance of this feminine figure who, up to her very last moments, kept her belief in fairytales, in the comical aspect of ordinary things and, as she herself confesses, in love. The resonance of her belief in herself as an artist and in her own femininity is explored through archive footage and honest interviews, revealing the continuous struggle of an intellectual expression. Mona Nicoară and Dana Bunescu’s documentary keeps the memory of Nina Cassian alive in the same playful and charismatic spirit of the poet and, along with the musical harmonies she herself composed, offers us the chance to temporarily disconnect ourselves from the anxieties of real life. (Teodora Leu)

awards and festivals

Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest 2018 - Premiul Publicului

Trieste Film Festival 2019 - Documentary Competition


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