The Waldheim Waltz

Valsul Waldheim

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Ruth Beckermann
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Waldheims Walzer


• 16 March, 19:30, Cinema Elvire Popesco

The film will be screened in the presence of: Ruth Beckermann

• 17 March, 16:00, Cinemateca Eforie

The film will be screened in the presence of: Ruth Beckermann

Ruth Beckermann
Ruth Beckermann was born in Vienna, where she also spent her childhood. After her studies in journalism and history of art in Vienna, Tel Aviv and New York, she took her PhD in 1977 at the University of Vienna. She since contributed as a journalist to several Austrian and Swiss magazines. Since 1985 she works as a writer and filmmaker.


Up until 1986, when he decided to run for the Austrian presidential elections, there were no more than some distant rumours about the Nazi history of former Secretary General of the United Nations, Kurt Waldheim. During his campaign, his involvement in the 1942 massacres of the Yugoslavian partisans and in the 1943 deportation of Jews from Thessaloniki was brought to light, and thus Austria was forced to reevaluate its position over the country’s own implication in World War II. Consisting of different pieces of contemporary footage - TV clips, but also videos taken by the director herself during anti-Waldheim protests that she took part in — ”The Waldheim Waltz” describes the moment when Austria realised it can no longer consider itself merely one of Hitler’s victims, but rather his collaborator. (Raluca Durbacă)

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Berlin International Film Festival 2018 - Glashütte Original – Documentary Award

São Paulo International Film Festival 2018

The New York Film Festival 2018

Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente 2018

Doclisboa International Film Festival 2018

Cinéma du Réel 2018

Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 2018

Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival 2018


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