The White Elephant

Elefantul alb

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Shuruq Harb
12 Min.

Photo Film


Focus on Israel and Palestine


English, Arabic, Hebrew (modern)


Romanian, English


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The White Elephant


In this short documentary, extremely intense and efficient on a sensorial level, filmmaker Shuruq Harb puts together various videos she found on the internet in the shape of a scattered flow of memory to show a unique perspective on 1990s Israel. Underscored, here and there, by her voice-over comments in which she recounts different events from her personal life, some emblematic of the development of the peace treaties between Israel and Palestine, the images appear to become increasingly inscrutable, whilst the pervasion of pop culture, an era marked by the success of Dana International, the first trans person to win the Eurovision song contest, makes for a surreal viewing experience. (Andrei Rus)

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Cinéma du Réel 2018

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