Theatre of War

Teatru de război

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Lola Arias
Argentina, Spain, Germany
82 Min.

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Teatro de guerra


War is not a joke, but it can be a farce. 35 years after the Falklands Conflict, “Theatre of War” has former adversaries facing each other and asks them to recreate theatrically their own experiences. In a hybrid format, on the verge between performance art and classic documentary, we see, in turn, a cathartic and therapeutic process of the veterans exorcising their traumas, and proof that the role of “enemy” is cast by the powers-that-be, not a personal choice. We are witnessing, despite the language barriers, an experiment on tolerance, on how some wounds heal with time and some never do. A war that used to antagonise people now manages to bring together on the same side veterans who, coordinated by director Lola Arias, form a wacky and playful punk band. (Teodora Leu)

* Adopted by: Frontline Club

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Berlin International Film Festival 2018

San Sebastián International Film Festival 2018

São Paulo International Film Festival 2018

CPH-DOX 2018

BFI London Film Festival 2018

Sarajevo Film Festival 2018


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