Things We Said Today (work-in-progress)(fragment)

Things We Said Today (work-in-progress) (fragment)

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Andrei Ujică
Romania, France

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Things We Said Today


• 16 March, 17:00, Cinemateca Eforie

The film will be screened in the presence of: Andrei Ujică

Andrei Ujică
Born in Timisoara in 1951, Andrei Ujică studied literature and philosophy in Timișoara, Bucharest and Heidelberg. Publications at various intervals since 1968 include prose, poetry and essays. Between 1973-1975 he writes, together with Șerban Foarță, the lyrics for the rock band Phoenix. His cinematographic debut took place with "Videograms of a Revolution", 1992, in collaboration with Harun Farocki, a film which has become a standard work on the relationship between political power and the media in Europe at the end of the Cold War. His next film, "Out of the Present", 1995, was called “the true Dogma 1” by Lars von Trier. "The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu" (2010), widely regarded as a monumental achievement, concludes his trilogy dedicated to the end of communism.


A time capsule of New York City between August 13-15, 1965, framed by the Beatles' arrival in the city and their first concert at Shea Stadium. The film is narrated from the perspectives of two teenagers played by young actors and consists entirely of archival material, in which the protagonists will be inserted by means of special effects.
Cinematically, it is the invention of a new film genre. The axis of a fiction film becomes inverted. Instead of building an artificial reality around actors as a signifier of historical truth, actors are inserted into the real historical images and thus sent on a trip through time.

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