Tracing Addai

Urmărindu-l pe Addai

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Esther Niemeier
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Tracing Addai


• 22 March, 20:30, Pavilion 32 - Goethe-Institut

The film will be screened in the presence of: Esther Niemeier

• 23 March, 11:00, Cinema Elvire Popesco

The film will be screened in the presence of: Esther Niemeier

Esther Niemeier
Esther Niemeier is a director and producer working in both the UK and Germany. Her first short documentary "Walz" screened in the official selection at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and was picked up for broadcast throughout Europe. Esther is currently working on "Bad Girl & Champion", her first feature length documentary as a director - following a period researching new feminist approaches in indigenous Bolivian culture for her master’s thesis. In addition to her directorial work, Esther has extensive experience in production and is also working as a producer on the feature length nature documentary "Natura Urbana – The Brachen of Berlin". Esther is currently enrolled in the MFA Documentary Directing at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. "Tracing Addai" is her graduation film.


Addai's story begins in the director's immediate surroundings, in a Germany which the boy leaves at the age of 20 to emigrate to Syria, driven by a free-willing spirit and a desire to change the world. After joining an Islamist religious group, Addai sinks deeper and deeper in the idealism it instills, while his mother, left behind, retraces his steps and embarks on a quest to solve the mystery of his disappearance. The testimony of one of his comrades, convicted and imprisoned on terrorism charges, a few maternal memories and the lament for an absent father, all piece together a portrait in absentia, heightened by the tenderness seeping through the director's perspective. The short-film, a hybrid between documentary and animation, is a retrospective glimpse into Addai's life, a closed road, paved with good intentions. (Andreea Chiper)

* Adopted by: ANOSR

awards and festivals

Telluride Film Festival 2018

Rome Independent Film Festival 2018

Milan Film Festival 2018 - Audience Award (Best Short Film)

Munich International Documentary Festival 2018

Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Films 2018 - Animation Mikeldi Award




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